How the EPAs New Rules can Affect You

By Environmental Policy Analysis, Special for  USDR

The Environmental Policy Alliance is launching a new ad today pushing back against the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed ozone regulation. The humorous ad explains how the EPA’s proposed limits could trigger some crazy new laws such as bans on lawn mowing during certain times of the day, new parking space taxes, and higher fees based on how many miles you drive your car. The spot, running on national cable, features a member of the “EPA Police” to enforce these new restrictions and  fees.

You can view the ad  here.

Anastasia Swearingen, senior research analyst for the Environmental Policy Alliance,  stated:

“The EPA’s ozone regulation isn’t about controlling harmful emissions; it’s about controlling Americans’ daily lives. These new ozone limits are so restrictive that a majority of U.S. localities won’t be able to meet the EPA’s unrealistic standards. That means local governments are going to have to come up with plans for the EPA to dramatically cut their ozone levels. To comply with the EPA’s ozone rules, local officials have floated restrictions on lawn mowing, higher vehicle registration costs, time-of-day tolls, and parking space taxes. While the scientific justification for the EPA’s draconian proposal is murky, it’s abundantly clear that the agency’s ozone limits will result in lost jobs, billions in compliance costs, and wide-reaching economic  hardship.”

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SOURCE Environmental Policy  Alliance

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