How to Adjust Your Sales Automation Process for Coronavirus

In this time of crisis, it is crucial to stay safe by observing social distancing and washing your hands to ensure that we go back to our regular lives sooner than later. However, the quarantine restrictions do not have to put your business on hold. Although customers cannot freely visit your brick and mortar stores, they can access products and services in your online platforms. Companies have had to revamp many business processes to suit their customers and also continue making sales. Now is the best time to take advantage of technology through sales automation.

Focus on Customer Experience

The covid-19 has put the world on the edge as the situation is stressful, so the last thing anyone wants is to receive bad service when they visit your online store. It is, therefore, paramount that you maintain a personalized experience in the way you communicate with your customers, fix issues, and streamline sales.

Make sure you gather all the necessary information on your audience to get an understanding of their needs well. Although your sales representatives cannot attend to every customer individually, sales automation tools like AI chatbot ensure your customers receive the best service possible. An AI chatbot can even guide the customers through the whole purchasing process hence making the shopping experience much better.

Although there is a rise in online sales, a drop in inventory and delays in manufacturing makes it difficult to deliver products to customers. Therefore, while you acquire new customers, make sure you maintain your high-value customers and make sure they are happy.

Maintain Regular Communication with Your Team

Sales automation means you have direct access to the activities done by the salespersons, sales figures, and customer reviews. Automation streamlines the whole process making your company run smoothly and with fewer errors. However, having an excellent sales automation tool does not mean you stop checking on your employees.

Since it is impossible to conduct face-to-face meetings, utilize the available tools such as email, video conferencing, mobile calls, and even text messages to make sure you maintain the company morale. When your team knows that you care for them, they will also work much harder for you and make sure you achieve your bottom line.


If you had underestimated the power of customer relationship management systems in the past, now is the perfect opportunity for change. Leverage CRM to ensure that you keep making sales, communicate with customers well, acquire new clients and employees remain productive. It ensures that customers receive timely responses.

Since technology plays a massive role in making sure business operations continue during the quarantine time, it is best to ensure every tool works perfectly. Your clients should have an easy time navigating through your website when shopping. Additionally, you should find communicating with your team effortless and accessing sales reports straightforward.

Integrate CRM with your website to minimize the chances of missing new opportunities. It ensures that you gather relevant consumer information and make sure leads and inquiries do not fall through the cracks. An AI-powered CRM can route emails from customers to the right person and even automatically handle specific tasks.

Generate Relevant Content

The type of content you produce goes hand in hand with the number of sales you generate. During this time, it makes sense that coronavirus is the biggest story; many people talk about it on online platforms and also purchase products, including protective equipment.

Content is essential for attracting a relevant audience to your online platforms, and it also helps to nurture leads and turn them to sales. Therefore, use AI-driven tools to analyze the audience reading content related to Covid-19 and then group the viewers based on the topics of interest and deliver relevant content. The right content is paramount if you intend to fill your sales funnel.

Before customers can buy from you, they must be aware of your existence. Generating awareness is the initial step in filling the sales funnel. It forms the foundation for transitioning to interest, decision, and finally taking action. Even if customers may not be ready to buy your products at the time, they may come back later.

Generating sales is the fundamental aspect of every business, so pay close attention to it as you practice social distancing.

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