How to Build a Loyal Customer Base in the Age of Content Overload


The internet is becoming an increasingly crowded  space.

In fact, it’s been estimated that we’ve created more content in the last ten years than in all of human history before that. Just look at the numbers to understand the sheer volume of content people have to sift through every day. According to recent studies, consumers are exposed to more than 10.000 brand messages per day. Twitter users send 400 million updates per day while on Facebook there are more than 4.75 billion pieces of content shared every  day.

With the enormous amount of content and article writing, it’s getting almost impossible to stand above the noise. You might think that the solution to this problem is creating more content. The logic goes: the more you expose your prospects to your brand, the higher the chances they’ll pay attention to you. But, that can backfire. Because of the heavy content bombardment, your customers face every day, pushing for more will only manage to overwhelm them and drive them  away.

So, what can you do? Let’s explore your  options.

Make It Easy For Them to  Convert

One of the best ways to turn more prospects into loyal customers is to make the acquisition process as simple as possible. Adjust and personalize the process so that it takes them from point A to point B quickly, leaving no opportunities for the customers to feel confused or annoyed. Show them what your product does, why it’s the best one around and how it would be the solution to your customers’  problems.

However, you can’t always control your prospects’ journey through the buying process. So it can be hard to determine when they’re on the brink of deciding and know what additional information they need to commit. That is why you need to pay attention to any behavioral cues you can  get.

Look at the time they’ve spent on page and determine where in the buying process they’ve decided to leave. Monitor your blog and social media to find out what type of information they are interested in. Review their comments to learn about the problems they are dealing with and how your product/service can help them. Use any information you have to create personalized experiences that make your brand stand above the avalanche of  content.

Be  Trustworthy

Tell us if this sounds  familiar:

You’re thinking about buying a humidifier, but you decide to do a bit of research on the product and its benefits before purchasing it. The more you read about it, the more you feel as if you’re digging yourself into a hole. There are so many conflicting opinions that you don’t know which advice to  take.

Consumers nowadays have access to so much information that it’s becoming increasingly difficult for them to take it as it  comes.

A lot of companies work with influencers to make their content more trustworthy. If the advice comes from an industry leader, then it must be true,  right?

The problem is that most of the times, companies completely miss the mark and don’t know how to use influencer marketing to their advantage.  They focus on presenting the product’s features, while customers are looking for someone to review their decision-making process and present tidbits of how they incorporate the product into their daily  lives.

You’ve probably seen YouTube videos of bloggers that talk about their shopping habits. They explain in detail what they bought, why they bought it and how they will be using the product from now on. They simplify the decision-making and buying process by offering their advice and  guidance.

It may seem superficial, but there’s something you can learn from this. Focus on building a group of influencers that will go further than recommending or pushing your brand, but will also turn into trusted advisers for your  customers.

Help Your Customers Make an Informed  Decision

If you think you’re doing a great job just because you’ve successfully listed each of your product’s features/benefits and have offered the option of viewing them side by side, think again. Go further than the bare minimum and help your customers make an informed decision that is tailored to their particular needs. Presenting all the product information turns out to be completely useless if your customer has no idea what to do with it. Give them a helping hand, and guide them towards what the best choice for them could  be.

It’s all about simplifying their decision-making so that they don’t waste any time researching everything on their own and eventually losing interest in the product altogether. Use your website’s features to your advantage and include a few tools that will explain to your prospects what each of your product’s features refers to and which ones are the most relevant to  them.

Focus on the essential pieces of information and make your customers feel like they’re making an informed decision. For example, instead of making them check out your entire catalog, provide guidelines that can help them choose the right product for their needs. Or you can look at their preferences and purchase history to make personalized  suggestions.

Standing out in the age of content overload might seem like an impossible task. But, with these tips in mind, you can make sure your customers notice and choose your brand over the  competition.

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