How to Clean a Motorcycle Helmet

Basically, motorcycle helmets are being used all the time- rain, sunshine, muddy terrain, hurricanes, extreme heat waves and everywhere else. So, it is the best head protection and is constantly pounded by the road rigors. However, it is very important to know the right way to clean and maintain your helmet as it prevent you from surrounding your face with a smelly, bad and dark interior lining but also enhances the life of your helmet.

There are people who claim that they do not worry or notice about the tacky smell coming from their helmet and they really don’t need to keep their helmet in good condition. However, an occasional wash is a perfect idea. But, the periodic cleaning of your helmet makes it look like new again and you get a chance to check it time and again and ensure that everything is working fine.

If you have a removable liner, then cleaning is simple because you just have to launder the line and interior pad and the shell can be cleaned separately.

However, if your helmet doesn’t have a removable liner, then the procedure of deep cleaning gets tedious because then you have scrub the complete stuff. In order to ease your problem, you should fill your sink or a tub with hot water so that you can dunk and scrub easily.

Helmet cleaning procedure

  1. Remove the visor as well as pads like cheek pads. (They require separate cleaning,
  2. Fill the basic with warm water with mild shampoo or detergent.
  3. Cover the bottom of the basic with a towel to avoid any scrap on the shell of your helmet while you are cleaning.
  4. Soak the helmet completely and allow it to soak for some minutes so that body oil, dust particles, debris and grime can easily break down.
  5. Rub the liner with your finger tips and sponge it hard.
  6. Rub the shell with a sponge to eradicate grime and bird gut.
  7. Take the helmet out of the sink and rinse it with shower head or faucet. Make sure you do it till all the soap has been washed away.
  8. Now pat the helmet dry with a towel and remove the moisture from the pads and liner too.
  9. Wipe the joints and vents with cotton swab dipped in soap solution.
  10. Now air dry the helmet or keep it under a room fan. However, you should use a heater or blow dryer.
  11. After it has dried completely, you can use detailing spray or polish on the helmet to bring back its glossy shine.
  12. Put a coat of automotive wax on your helmet for a protective coating. It is for the future maintenance of your helmet.
  13. Now reinstall your visor and slightly lubricate the hinge mechanism.

Now that you know what helmet cleaning is, make sure you do it once in a month to remove all the dirt, grime and smell from your helmet and make it look like new every time. If your helmet is worn out, then you can helmet and other motorcycle gear online at

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