How to Determine if you can Harness Wind Energy for your Electricity Needs

Wind is a renewable source of energy that can be a suitable cushion against high electricity costs. In addition to that, wind energy reduces our dependency on fossil fuels and does not emit greenhouse gases resulting in healthy and eco friendly energy. For instance, if you are building a home in the countryside or establishing a business, harnessing wind energy can be the perfect way to cut on electricity costs or avoid the costs of having to extend the utility lines to your location. If you are considering using wind as a source of energy, there are a number of things you must consider to determine if it is a practical solution for your location.

The suitability of your location

Before installing wind turbines, you must have the exact idea if your location or site is suitable for wind energy generation. In simple words, if it has the right wind resources. Wind resource data by Vortex FDC help you investigate the wind resource in your site through maps that show you if the wind speeds are strong enough. Wind resources in different locations vary depending on the structure and topography interference in the location. Therefore, you will require your site-specific data to determine the wind resource at that exact location. If you don’t have the site data and you would like to have a more predictable view of your wind resource you will have to measure wind speeds for years.

Environmental and legal obstacles

As you think of installing wind turbines in your location, consider the environmental and legal obstacles involved. For instance, in some locations, the authorities restrict the height of structures in residential areas although it varies with the type of structures. There is also the possibility of the neighbours objecting to the installation of a structure that produces noise or blocks their view. Take time to also consider future developments such as buildings that may hinder the wind in the future. Additionally, if you intend to connect the generator to the local utility electricity grid, find out the costs and requirements for interconnections for small independent power producing. Do your math and have in mind any legal and environmental requirement you need to meet before you invest in wind power generation.

Consider the economics of wind generation

You need to consider whether installing a wind farm is a smart financial move and if it is a suitable long-term investment. This is because electricity and interests rates vary from time to time. For instance electricity rates can be low during a certain season and higher during the next season. In simple terms, determine if purchasing and installing a wind farm is a smart money move for you. Check if your local authority has any buy-back rate for grid connected power producers when they sell back electricity to the utility. Do a thorough research before you buy a wind energy system.

The benefits of wind energy for your electricity needs

Last but not least, consider the benefits of wind energy for your electricity needs. Wind is renewable energy, it’s clean and efficient. Depending on the size of the wind turbines and the location, you can generate high wind speeds which results in more electricity for your energy needs.

There are several benefits of harnessing wind energy. You can save yourself from future energy shortages, electricity price increases and reduce pollution.

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