How to Develop a Successful Trade Show Marketing Strategy

Participating in a trade show requires investing a lot of time, effort and money. Without a well-thought-out strategy, your investment may fail to deliver the desired results. But how can you develop an effective trade show marketing strategy?

There’s no one way to build a successful trade show booth, says an expert at New York Banners, a New York based backdrop banner stand printing company. Some of the most popular ways to attract attendees include offering giveaways, creating custom step and repeat banners, and incorporating technology in your trade show booth. If you are planning to participate in a trade show but not sure how to develop an infallible trade show marketing strategy, here are some tips.

Find out your why and how

Start by asking the right questions. Why are you planning to attend a trade show? Maybe you want to generate leads. Or perhaps, you want to sell products or improve brand reputation. Whatever your trade show marketing goal is, the next step is to make your goal SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, result-oriented and time bound). For instance, instead of saying that your goal is to generate leads, set a goal of collecting 40 emails in one day.

Once you know your SMART goal, now ask yourself the “how” question – how will you achieve your goal? In other words, what will you specifically do to achieve your goal? In the beginning, you should aim to create an impressive presence at the event. To that end, consider investing in an attractive step and repeat banner in NYC.

Send invites before the event

Send personalized invites to attendees before the show. Nothing works like a personal touch, since it makes the receiver feel special. You can get the contact details of all the registered attendees from your show organizer. Send the invites via email or direct mail, but make sure you provide them a compelling reason to visit your booth.

Also, use your social media channels, newsletters, and website to create buzz around your trade show booth, before the show. Don’t forget to come good on the hype, though. For instance, invest in an event-specific custom step-and-repeat banner.

Develop a plan for drawing foot traffic

Creating attractive banners and flags is only the first step. A custom step and repeat backdrop, for instance, helps get your booth noticed. Once you grab the attention of your prospects, your next job is to encourage them to step into your booth. To that end, your strategy could be hosting a contest, offering freebies, or giving a live demonstration of your newly launched product.

Follow up

You should also have a strategy for following up with your prospects soon after the event. Some effective ways to follow up include:

  1. Sending handwritten messages thanking your visitors for making it to the stall.
  2. Sending LinkedIn requests, with a note mentioning the name of the trade show you got their contact at.
  3. Requesting them via email to schedule a quick call to discuss the next steps.

Trade shows are a great way to market your brand or product through face-to-face interactions. Use the above tips to develop a killer marketing strategy for your next trade show.

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