How to Find the Best Travel Water Bottle to Stay Hydrated Everywhere

Water is life, it’s one of the best ways to maintain your health.  Instead of having to buy water that is bottled whenever you go out, or to the gym, get a water bottle that will help you stay hydrated. You’ll help the planet, and at the same time, you’ll make a nice saving financially.

The best travel water bottle should have different features that allow you not only to store water but some other cool features. Let’s take a look at some of those features.

Factors to Consider to Get the Best Travel Water Bottle

Don’t just get into a shop and ask for any water bottle. You will end up getting a product that does not suit you in one way or the other.

Put in mind that a good water bottle should let you drink healthy, save money, save the environment, and most importantly help you stay hydrated.

If you are planning to travel and looking for the best traveling bag, here is a list of factors to consider before you land yourself that best travel water bottle.

1. Material

The material making up your water bottle will determine the durability, leakages, and how easy to clean and reuse it is.

There are three conventional materials that companies use to make water bottles. These are plastic steel and glass.

If you are an environmentally conscious person, you can opt for a material that is BPA free. This should not be a huge concern for you since most of the companies making travel water bottles are aware of the hazards posed by the use of BPA materials. Therefore chances are high that you will readily findBPA-free water bottles.

If you like your drinks hot/warm, then consider using a stainless steel water bottle. You will have your drinks warm for long hours. Hence this is why you will have to dig deeper into your pockets for the stainless steel water bottle compared to the plastic water bottle.

The third material that you will find making up a glass bottle is the glass. Such water bottles are very appealing but very fragile.

If you are planning to present the water bottle to somebody special as a gift, make sure the material allows for printing or engraving. A good example would be a custom thermos flask or a custom water bottle.

One thing you will notice with these gifts is that their material allows for customization.

2. Capacity

How long is your journey? How much time will take you before you get to the next refilling point?

These are just but some of the factors that should lead you to the best travel water bottle.

Averagely, the capacity of water bottles ranges from 16-32 ounces.

Get a travel water bottle that will hold enough water to keep you hydrated until you are back from the expedition.

This means if your traveling distance/duration is short, then you can opt for the 16 ounces water capacity bottle.  For long distances/ durations, opt for the 32 ounces travel water bottle such as Nalgene’s.

Still, on capacity, consider the available holding space for the particular water bottle you plan to buy.

Huge capacity water bottles will require huge space for storage. They rarely fit into the side pockets of backpacks. Sometimes you can be prompted to store them on the main storage space.

The negative side of this is you might incur damages if the water bottle leaks and whatever you’ve stored there is not water tolerant. An example being electronics.

3. Presence of Filters and Purifiers

If your destination of travel lacks clean water, then I would highly recommend you to focus on this.

It’s obvious that your water bottle might not hold enough water to sustain you for more than two or three days. If you have a water bottle with a filter and a purifier, you will still dehydrate yourself using the available unclean water.

What’s the difference or what is the use of the two? Not until you understand the use of a purifier and filter will you appreciate travel water bottles with such.

Filters help to remove heavy metals, bacteria, and general dirt from water but not viruses. This will help you avoid falling prey of several waterborne diseases.

This being not enough, the purifiers goes ahead to eliminate the microorganisms present in the water.

This will leave your water safe and healthy for consumption. You can do a demonstration using soda. You will be amazed to get clean water from soda. No magic buddy!

4. Ease of Cleaning

The hygiene of your water bottle and safety of the water inside is dependent on how easy your bottle is for cleaning. The classical water bottles with a small opening are hard to properly clean.

It’s hard to get a cleansing sponge into the inside of the bottle. This may thus allow for growth of bacteria within. Even if the water you pour inside is clean, you will end up drinking unsafe water.

As a guide to ensure a clean water bottle:

  • Don’t allow water that you have been with for the whole day to sleep in the water bottle
  • Cleanse your water bottle using a bottle brush – after cleaning, dry all the parts separately
  • Regularly pour hot water into the water bottle – this will help remove any bad smell within it

A clean water bottle, a healthy you.

5. Mouth Size

If you love your water flavored, then consider buying a water bottle that will allow you to squeeze in those little pieces of fruits.

Or otherwise, you can go for a water bottle with a big mouth if you like your water cold and would like to add some ice cubes in it.

If you like your water pure, then a travel water bottle with a small mouth will serve you perfectly fine.

Put in mind that a big mouth size increases the possibility of you spilling on yourself if your journey is bumpy.

Final Word

Don’t buy a water bottle blindly. Evaluate your needs and circumstances of your journey before you visit a water bottle shop.

It’s only through this that you will get the best travel water bottle.

As a recap of our discussion, when choosing a travel water bottle, consider:

  • Material making the bottle
  • The capacity of the water bottle
  • Presence of filters and purifiers
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Mouth size of the bottle

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