How to Find the Right Curtains for Your Home

Curtains are an essential part of any home décor plan. Well chosen curtains offer privacy, help filter the amount of light you want in the room and add lots of marvelous detail. When thinking about the right curtains for your home, you’ll want to consider issues such as length, fabric and color.

The Length of the Curtains

One of the most useful things about curtains is they come in many varied lengths. For example, café curtains are smaller curtains that are typically used to cover the lower part of a window. These are a good choice in rooms that require a bit of privacy but still need lots of natural light at the same time. Curtains can drop from the top of the windows all the way to the floor. Think about the ideal length of the curtains in the room. You can cover all or part of the room’s windows.

Color Choice

Color is an integral part of any room decorating plan. Curtains are an ideal way to bring color into any room. Think about the kind of color scheme you have in place right now or you’re planning to bring to the room. You might be aiming for a neutral series of tones such as beige, grey and ivory. Curtains in a complementary shade can enhance the overall look of the room and make it feel like a retreat from the work day. Another direction is a pop of color. Curtains in a bright cherry red, for example, show off the room’s best features.

Custom Options

Many stores sell ready made curtains. These are curtains that are designed to fit any room. You can opt to have your own curtains made instead. Custom made curtains are a good choice in many circumstances. If you have a room with oddly shaped windows, standard curtains can be hard to fit. An expert can come to your home, measure the length and width of the curtains and then create something for you that’s going to drape properly. This is an ideal possibility for rooms that need something special to add personality.

Cleaning the Curtains

Like other things in your home, curtains can easily get dirty. Over time, dust can settle on the surface. This can make the room feel dusty and uninviting. Ask if the curtains you’re buying require special care to keep cleaning. In many instances, all you have to do is give them a quick dusting every so often. Some curtains may require dry cleaning to look their best. You’ll have to take them off the peg and bring them to a dry cleaners. Knowing what type you have before buying them is important before you bring them home.

Your Fabric

Fabric is often where curtains differ greatly in price. Curtains that are made of costly silk are likely to cost far more than curtains crafted from synthetic blends. Different fabrics have different qualities in the room. For example, curtains made of cotton lend any room a casual, laid back air. That makes them an excellent choice for a room like a family room where you want everyone to feel at ease. Curtains made from stiffer, more formal materials are another good choice. Use them in the dining room to make it feel like a very upscale gathering place.

Other Details

In order for curtains to work in your spaces, you’ll need to ensure they are hung properly. Measure the place where you’re going to place the curtains starting at the top of the window until you’re at the floor. This will give you the best idea of the size you need for the curtains. You’ll also need the right kind of curtain rods. Curtain rods are available in many different types of materials. You can pick from options such as bright metal and dark wood. This is an excellent way to add additional detail to the overall look.

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