How to find the right Plastic Surgeon and what to do if Dr messed up


Most women are concerned about their looks and they are ready to go to any length to change the way they look, even if it means going “under the  knife”.

There are several reasons why women go for plastic surgery.  They may want surgeries to remove the effects of aging, sun damaged skin and acne scars.  They may want to restore physical problem, reduce premature aging, boost their career (especially if they are celebrities) or remove fats from notable areas of their body,  etc.

Whatever your reason for wanting a plastic surgery, the truth is, you need a good  surgeon.

But the question is how do you find the right  surgeon?

In this article, you will learn how to choose the right surgeon and what to do if the surgeon messed  up.

  1. The plastic surgeon must be Board –  certified

The first thing you need to find about is the certification of the surgeon you want to use. It is advisable for you to use a doctor who is a member of the American Board of Plastic  surgery.

How will you find this  out?

Simple, go to the American board of medical specialists website and check for the name of the surgeon. It will show you if the doctor is board certified or  not.

Why did you need to work with a board-certified  surgeon?

This is important because according to law, any doctor can carry out a procedure or surgery. A psychiatrist can do a breast augmentation.  If you use a certified plastic surgeon, you are sure that such doctors are trained in general surgery with 2-3 years in plastic surgery.  These crops of doctors also have to continue medical education and write a test every 10  years.

  1. Search for the surgeon’s past  record

Finding out the past record of your surgeon will do you lots of good.  Some of these doctors have malpractice cases and judgments against them.  All you need do is to check the medical board website of the state you are in. Most of these states list out malpractice judgment against doctors, plus accusations filed with the board.  This will save you the headache of working with  crooks.


  1. Ask the doctors lots of  questions

When you are going for an appointment with the doctor, make sure you prepare questions to ask him or her. For example, if you are having a plastic surgery as an outpatient client, you can ask the doctor whether he or she has hospital privileges or  not.

This is necessary because hospitals conduct background checks on doctors before giving them the opportunity to use their hospitals/facilities. If the doctor you want to use does not have this privilege, you may have to search for another  one.

You also need to ask the doctor on how often he or she performs such procedures.  A seasoned doctor should be involved in surgery almost on weekly basis.  If the doctor does not do such procedure often, you may need to find another  one.

You can find other questions you need to ask plastic surgeons  here.

If you followed the procedure highlight above and you are still a victim of medical negligence, you can you can sue the doctor through a medical malpractice  lawyer.

This is because plastic surgery malpractice cases are different from other regular malpractices cases. Plastic surgery malpractice is said to elective, that is, unnecessary.  Judges think that it is your choice to enhance your image through the surgery; therefore, you should not blame the doctor if anything went wrong. This is the reason why judges give plastic surgeon benefit of the doubt and also award malpractice victims low  awards.

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