How To Handle Moving Back In With Your Parents

Moving back to your parents home can appear like the end of the world, or at least the end of your world. While it is reasonable to feel some grief during this period, it is essential to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get ready to do what is necessary to get back out there.

Moving back in with parents is a two-step process:

The first is the adjustment from independent adulthood back to living with your parents as an adult. The second step is figuring out how you will become independent again and ensure this time the independence is long-lasting.

 Tips For Moving Back In With Your Parents 

Moving back in with your parents does not need to be shameful or embarrassing. It can be difficult if either side has the wrong expectations ahead of time. Although, ensure you follow this advice to prepare properly both you and your parents for the months ahead.

Set Ground Rules Ahead Of Time

Before you move back in with your parents, it is beneficial for you and them to have a set of house rules already in place. Going without these house rules is only inviting an argument or disagreement.

Don’t Take Get Too Comfortable With The Arrangement

If you are lucky enough to have incredibly loving parents, there is a good chance they will comfort you during this time of difficulty. Go ahead and accept some of their loving comforts. It is important to remember that family matters. Do not get too comfortable, though, because you can become stagnant, and things will get more complicated.

Do Your Part To Support The House Like An Adult

You will feel better about yourself, and it will be easier for your parents to view you and treat you like an adult if you help out with some little bills. Pay a bit from the rent and do some chores. It does not have to be anything extravagant, but you would be surprised how much it makes a difference in your interaction with them.

 Tips For Getting Back Out On Your Own 

Analyze Your Current Situation

How did you get to this place? Answer this question, and you have begun the path to independence. Every little detail matters including things like checking your utility companies website such as Ameren to see if there are any better deals available. You need to know every aspect of your finances: income and expenses. These details will make the difference when you are ready to move back out.

“Every detail matters until you have complete control over these things you want to be able to move forward.”

Take Time To Prepare Yourself By Learning New Skills

Your expenses are probably a lot lower when you live with your parents even if you pay some rent. Use the extra money each month to take classes and educate yourself on new skills or pay off debt, so your monthly expenses are lower.

Create A Massive Action Plan or MAP

“It would be best if you picture what the end goal is before you begin.”

Picture where you want to be in one or two years. Write that down and then brainstorm on ideas for what it is going to take to get there.

Get your parents involved, and have them hold you accountable. It will not be too long before they are helping you move back out.

In conclusion, it is easy for you to get comfortable when you are back to your parent home, and this comfort can thwart your exit. Ensure you have a plan on how to bounce back to your independence. Also, ensure you discuss your intentions and expectations with your parents. Moving back to your parent home is not a stigma and you can definitely make the most from it by re-planning your life.

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