How to Improve Your Writing Skills at College and University

Want to know top 7 tips for academic writing assignments at college and  university?
Believe it or not, but you can easily upgrade your academic writing skills with 7 basic tricks only. No matter how good or bad you’re at writing at the moment, you can always do better when it comes to college assignments. Try it by yourself and test those 7 essay writing tricks, which we’re going to talk about below too. For more writing help and professional assistance, check EssayVikings and its team of academic writers and  editors.

And now let’s have a look at those 7 secret steps towards making you a better writer, at least at college and  university.

The Insights of Academic  Writing

Talk is cheap. Communicating through the writing is far more difficult than expressing your ideas on paper, especially if English is your second language. Academic writing skills are even harder. But the ability to compose well is crucial. And the earlier you get that skill, the  better.

The skills of writing well will help you not only to get a diploma at college but also in your adult life when the time for business letters and emails comes. So, how to learn to write well? How to upgrade your writing skills without spending too much time and  effort?

Even if English is your native language, it doesn’t mean you write well when it comes to academic content. Today, there are a lot of ways to improve your writing skills – visiting special writing courses, practicing a lot, or reading special literature or online sources about the topic. But all of these can be quite overwhelming for the ordinary students. So, what to  do?

We’ve prepared a list of 7 writing tips only to make the challenge of writing better a little bit easier for you. These 7 tips are the best ones among those existed out there. So, keep reading and  learning.

7 Tips on Writing Better

  1. To make even the bad essay a good one, spend more time on conclusion than any other part of writing. Even if you’re not sure you’ve created a great essay, make sure the conclusion stands out. In the end, a teacher wants to hear your individual voice throughout the essay, but not just the voice of those printed and online materials, which you’ve built it on.
  2. Clear structure. The structure of your essay is extremely important, especially for college or university assignments. So, have a clear thread of argument throughout the whole writing, completely following its structure.
  3. When writing an essay on a specific topic or subject, use the glossary, which shows your knowledge in that question. It doesn’t mean you have to build your whole writing on academic vocabulary only. Just make sure you use at least a couple of specific terms on the topic, which you’re discussing.
  4. Good English. Poor English can easily destroy the image of the whole paper. Don’t worry too much about making grammar and punctuation errors, but worry about how rich your language is. Avoid repetitive and cliche phrases. The richer your vocabulary is, the better your essay will be. The teachers are looking for the ideas in your essay. And poor language can easily narrow those ideas, no matter how big and unique they are.
  5. Check your university’s website. What is the easiest way to get help with writing? Check your university’s website for useful information about the structure, paragraphs, punctuation, etc. Usually, college and university websites provide a lot of interesting information for their own students on how to succeed in their homework and educational process in general.
  6. If you have a problem with one aspect of writing only, no matter whether it is structure, punctuation, or something, else, work on that problem separately. Know your weak sides. Take your previous essay and analyze where exactly you have made the mistakes. Do those mistakes repeat in every other assignment? Work on that separate problem areas to eliminate them in your next assignments. Probably, you’re not bad in writing in general. Usually, it is one or two typical mistakes, which students make in every assignment that make a vision of writing bad.
  7. Create a blog. Want to improve writing skills on a daily basis? Create a blog on a free online platform. It may be an open or a closed blog where you write for yourself only. Just make sure you write there on a daily basis. This is one of the best activities you can do to upgrade your writing skills. Pick a topic you like – nature, makeup, cars, or something else, and create a qualitative content daily.

These are those 7 important things, which you really need to know about academic writing to succeed in your college assignments. So, don’t doubt to test them in practice to see what works better for you  particularly.

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