How To Keep Pests Out Of Your Home

Pests can be a real pain, and one such pest is the mosquito. The mosquito is the single biggest killer of all living creatures and kills an estimated 1 million people each year. Whilst most pests only cause annoyance and some discomfort, it’s staggering to know that one small insect can kill so many each year. Pests can be a serious problem especially of you live in or are travelling through a country that houses the malaria carrying mozzie. Keeping pests of all shapes and sizes out of your home should be a priority as they’re not going to benefit you in any way, instead they can make you ill and cost you money in repairs. Since rats and mice breed like, well, rabbits, you must make sure you’re not housing a small army of rodents after only a few  weeks.

Lay  Traps

There’s no such thing as a welcomed pest. You simply do not want pests living with you in your home. Even if you don’t think you have problems with pests, there’s no harm in taking preventative measures and ensuring that your home is armed against creepy crawlies and nasties. You can lay traps for rodents and stick sticky tape around your house in order to catch small flies and other such winged pests. You can get hold of traps that don’t kill the pest, and instead trap them. You can lay these traps and then release the animal back into the wild some considerable distance from your  home.


If the worst does occur, and you find your kitchen inundated with ants or cockroaches, then it’s time to call in the professionals. There’s no time to waste when it comes to pests as your home can provide the perfect warm breeding ground. As soon as you understand there to be pests in your home or garden, then you must contact Pest Exterminator Services to stop a far larger infestation in its  tracks.

Check Your  Pets

Your pets could pose the largest threat to the safety of your home in terms in smuggling pests in their fur. You must always check the fur of your pets after they’ve been outside as ticks and fleas are attracted to their warm skin and blood. Brush and comb through the fur of your pets regularly so that you can remove any pests from them. Ensure that your pets wear flea collars at all times and visit your vet to pick up safe flea treatments to keep them at  bay.

Seal Up  Cracks

Stop the critters from getting into your home and seal up their entrances. Look at your doors and windows and asses them for even the smallest of hole and crevices through which an insect could scurry through. You should be trying to make your house impenetrable for the common pest. You should get hold of some mortar and cement and fill in these cracks as soon as you can. Make sure that your house is secure against the intrusion pests by shutting windows and doors once the sun has set as mosquitos and moths are more likely to enter your home during these  hours.

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