How To Make Some Money When You Don’t Have Many Skills

In all the jobs we take, there will be a set of skills needed to accomplish each one. However, you can still earn even if you lack some of these skills. You don’t have to be brilliant or be a genius to make money on the side. Even without many skills, you can still gain profit either part-time or full-time. Here are some easy and fun ways to make money even when you lack skills:

  1. Taking online surveys

There are many side hustles to earn money, and one of them is by taking online surveys. Market research companies and various corporations usually send out surveys to see the feedback of people regarding products and anything that they are currently researching about. For people who take these surveys, market research or corporations usually pay per survey. Fortunately, there are tons of survey websites that are available online—you just have to look for them.

By doing this, you will be able to contribute your ideas and also make money on the side. These surveys usually last from as fast as five minutes to an hour depending on how comprehensive the survey is. You won’t need many skills. You just need to give your honest opinion.

  1. Becoming a mystery shopper

To ensure good service in establishments and good quality products, businesses or restaurants often hire mystery shoppers to buy from those establishments. They will then rate the ambiance, food, products, and even the service. Corporations usually pay a hefty amount for this, inclusive of transportation fees, fees for the products or food being bought, and an additional service fee for your opinions.

  1. Selling your old things

Certainly, you will have stuff lying around in your home that you no longer use. You can either sell them online on eBay, Instagram, or Facebook, or you can do it the traditional way by holding a garage sale outside of your home. Here is a short list of items that you can consider selling:

  • Vintage clothes
  • Shoes
  • Accessories
  • Video games
  • Textbooks
  • Novels
  • Pocket books
  • Gadgets
  • Appliances
  • Furniture
  1. Getting rebates for the things you buy

Did you know that you can earn from the items that you buy while shopping? Yes, you can actually get paid to go shopping. For instance, Ebates will pay you cash if you use their online platform to shop. In return, Ebates will be able to use your spending habits for market research and sell them to different brands so that they can have a better understanding of their market. You will be able to get refunds and also help companies plan for their future products.

  1. Drive others and get paid for it

Right now, if you have a car, you can get paid to drive others on-demand. You’ll just need some driving skills for this type of job, which is also easy to learn if you haven’t yet. As an Uber or Lyft driver, you will be paid to drive people based on the following:

  • Demand for rides and supply of drivers
  • Type of vehicle you are driving
  • The time it will take to drive your passenger to the destination
  • Number of miles traveled

This is a side hustle that will provide flexible hours depending on your choosing. You can easily do this during your free time or during the weekend. You will not be required to drive during the same hours or a set time every week. In this line of work, you get to be your own boss and control your own working hours as you would like it.

  1. Teaching exercise classes

Most people already work out on a daily basis. If you are one of these people, you can actually earn from doing what you already do, which is working out. Isn’t it amazing to get paid to stay in shape? You can do this by teaching fitness classes such as yoga, CrossFit, Zumba, pound, and other exercise classes. You can either join a gym and teach these classes, or conduct classes at a community center. This is a side hustle that’s fun and that you can do on the weekends if you choose.


You might realize now that it doesn’t take special skills to make money on the side. You just need to be creative enough and persevering to find ways to earn money. Don’t ever quit on looking for it. Just follow these tips above, and you can earn a few more bucks for things that you already do on a regular basis.

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