How To Plan A Pet Adoption Event

A pet adoption event is the perfect way to find forever homes for animals that need them. It can be a big undertaking to plan and implement a successful pet adoption event. The process can be overwhelming because of the many decisions that have to be made beforehand. When you collaborate with the community to hold the event, you can make the most of your promotion efforts. To ensure the event is a success, below are some tips to consider.

Set A Goal

It is always best to set a goal you want to achieve when you host an event. The goal may be to raise money for local shelters or rescue groups, adopt out a specific number of animals or raise awareness for pet adoption in the community. No matter what the goal is, it’s important to establish it early on in the planning process to ensure your whole team is clear in their understanding of what determines success from the event from the start. With the goal in mind, the team can establish a unique brand or theme so that all promotional communications are consistent for the event.

Pick A Good Date

When choosing a date for the event, it is important to find a day that is likely to get the best attendance from the community. Try to avoid planning the pet adoption event on the same day as other events in the area. If your event will be outdoors, choose a time of year where the odds of having good weather is more likely.

Separate Events Or Not?

Another tip for planning your pet adoption event is to decide if all of the organizations are going to be together in one central location or separate locations around the community. When planning to gather in a central location, things such as parking, restrooms, city permits, power, shade and water need to be taken into consideration. Additionally, all participants at each location will need to agree on the responsibilities and roles for the execution of the event. Leading up to the event, meet together regularly to coordinate all details involved.

Don’t Allow For Overcrowding

When it comes to pet adoption events, the key is to plan it where it won’t be overcrowded. This is where planning simultaneous events across the community will be best. As people are looking to potentially adopt pets, they want time to look at animals and see if they are a good fit for them and their family. This can’t be done when too many people are pushing, grabbing cage cards and other information while looking at the same animals. If you can only hold one event location, consider making it a concierge-based event. Allowing a certain number of people in at a time to spend with the adoptable pets will ensure everyone gets enough time to find an animal to potentially adopt.

Pass Up Artificial Turf

Many pet adoption event organizations want to make the event look nice by renting or buying artificial turf for the animals to use. This is often done when the event is located where there is no grass or not enough grassy area for the animals. Even though the artificial turf may look cool, it should be avoided if possible. It can be extremely messy and difficult to clean up once the event is over.

Don’t Forget To Show Volunteers Gratitude

No pet adoption event can be successful without the help of volunteers. Is important to empower them and not wear them out. Space out adoption events so they don’t get burned out or overwhelmed. Train the volunteers to help match adoptable pets with potential adopters. It is also important to provide a break area for staff and the volunteers to get relief from the chaos and crowds during big events. Be sure to offer them a free lunch and drinks during the event so they don’t mind staying all day. They will feel more appreciated and have energy to get more pets adopted to their forever homes.

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