How to Start a Handyman Business


A handyman or woman is a person who can perform odd jobs such as general repairs, building maintenance, painting and decorating, plus more. Do you have a flair for DIY? Read our tips on how to start a handyman  business.

Use Your  Experience

Many professional handymen and women spend years working in a select field before they decide to form their own business. For instance, it’s likely they have come from a plumbing, building maintenance, construction or property management background. If you want to launch a handyman business, ensure you have the skills and experience your clients are looking for. If you don’t, hire contractors who  do.

Create a Business  Plan

It’s important to have a clear understanding of the type of handyman business you would like to run. Make a list of the type of areas you want your company to specialize in a business plan. For example, you could be an odd jobs company, hanging up photo frames and fixing broken door handles, or you could offer complex construction work within the home. You must also detail the types of clients you would like to have on the books. For example, will you work exclusively with private individuals or open your services to  businesses?

Register Your Business  Name

The business’s brand name can often determine the success of a company. We recommend choosing a name that allows a potential client to tell it is a handyman business. Also, ensure the name is available as a web address and there are no other companies with a similar sounding name within the local area. It’s also essential to register your business name with the government for tax  purposes.

Hire a  Van

Starting a new business can be a little daunting. The last thing you may want to do is commit to an expensive van when you’re just getting started. That’s why you should consider van hire Birmingham or beyond, as you will not have to make a large financial commitment. Depending on the rental company you choose, you could receive comprehensive insurance, full breakdown cover and no added charge for additional  drivers.

Record Your  Purchases

Keep a detailed record of any business purchases you make each day, as they can be deducted when filing a tax return. For instance, if you spend $100 on materials for a $500 job, you would only be taxed on $400. What’s more, ensure you keep any receipts or documentation to protect your business if  audited.

Market Your  Business

Every business hoping to succeed in the modern marketplace needs to create an online presence. Not only should you aim to advertise in the local area through business listings and word of mouth, but you should  also:

  • create a company website
  • develop social media campaigns on various platforms (Think Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn)
  • solicit reviews for your business from past customers

Creating a reputable handyman business takes time, patience and a great deal of hard work. However, if you have both passion and experience, there is no reason why you cannot make a company a success in your local area and  beyond.

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