How to Support Your Workers Working From Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Coronavirus has placed some uncertain times ahead and nowhere is this felt more strongly than in places of work. The threat of contagion will force many businesses to find new inventive ways of working from a healthy distance and the most obvious option is to have many of your employees begin working from home.

The sudden advent of workers being sent home to work has had a massive impact across the globe and many find it stressful and overwhelming. But, this is most often the case when the employee population has been ill-prepared for the home-work assignment. Here are some steps that can lessen the impact that at-home workers will have on your system. 

Operating in isolated locations can have many employees distraught and disconnected from their typical communications and workplace this will have a long-list of physical and mental implications. Do your employees have healthcare cover? Take a look at Medicare Advantage Plans 2021. To avoid any such mishaps, here are some of the most important tips that you should know for helping your employees reach their maximum capacity during their tenure as at-home workers.  

Create a healthy workspace

You will want to encourage your employees to seek out the most optimal working conditions they can find while they are working from home. You should suggest they set up their own workspace away from areas dedicated to lounging or relaxation. 

Once the lines between areas of operations and areas of relaxation have been blurred it can be easy to seek out the most comfortable working conditions and this can lead to workers choosing sofas and couches that are not conducive to long hours of productive effort. Suggest your at-home employees find ergonomic workplaces and home work stations so they can be comfortable and productive while working from home. 

Maintain a routine

It will be hard for your at-home workers to maintain the same work routine they have become accustomed to in their former place of work. That’s why it is essential that your employees try their best to set up a work routine that allows them to differentiate between their home time and work time. 

Some helpful habits to suggest will be to get up at the same time they always have and substitute their commute with some time walking around the block or closest park while maintaining the safe and healthy distance between the other people as recommended by the government and health officials everywhere. 

Of course, sticking to the same 9 – 5 routine that everyone does may not always be possible because of the needs of the home and family responsibilities. Therefore you will need to allow your employees the freedom to create their own schedules to a certain degree. 

Don’t forget to be social

Taking the time to relax and speak with other people is a great way to reduce the stress and keep up spirits while on the job. Now that work will be conducted primarily across digital landscapes it will be imperative for employers to find new and improved ways of encouraging social interaction in the workplace. 

Working from home is a long and lonely task and some people can begin to feel the pressure more than others. Counter this by looking for ways to create the illusion of togetherness. Set up Pizza Fridays, Bingo nights and other social interactions that can help you maintain fun and encourage social interactions.  

Invest in the right technology

Your employees will only be as productive and motivated as their tools allow them to be. Be sure you are fitting your workers with the right selection of technological tools and accessories for their tasks at hand. One of the most important of these will be communications tools in their wondrous array of instant messaging and video and voice calling platforms. 

Remote work runs the risk that employees will feel that their work and efforts are completely unappreciated. For this reason it is essential to work from a platform where these same sentiments can be communicated. It is always important to let every worker who contributes to the success of your company know that their work is appreciated.

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