How to use headphones as a microphone

The fact, that the headphones can be used as a microphone is dubiously a secret to anyone younger than 35. Now we are talking about these headphones, which have headset initially. But did you know you could actually use even those headphones, which have been kept in your box since, like, early 2000s? Moreover, nowadays, there are many ways to turn your phone into a microphone. But we are now going to talk about headphones.

Caps of earphones and dynamic heads of loudspeakers have the electromagnetic coil. Through this channel, the alternating current of AC modulated by sound frequency is passed. From interaction of the variation electromagnetic field with the constant field of the built-in magnet the fluctuations of the sound coil are created. They move to the diffuser of the loudspeaker or a membrane of earphones in which the coil is built in, causing sound generation.

The microphone can work on the reverse, transforming acoustic vibrations of a membrane to an electric signal of AC. The similarity of the principles of “processing of a sound” and identity at the hardware level allows to interchange devices. Theoretically, you can make membrane microphone sing instead of the radiating heads, which are usually used for that, but it is possible to use headphones as the microphone without special difficulties with the minimum alterations. To connect a copy, it is easier sometimes only to insert the device into a microphone nest.

Microphones and headsets are packed with sockets of two types: mini-plug-in and USB (read about the types of microphones in more detail.) Plugs of the gadgets used as an alternative and they can differ. For Skype we usually use the entrance nest of the computer designated by a microphone symbol. Most often it submits the monoscheme under the Mini Jack socket of 3,5 mm with one contact rim on a tip.

Thus, in order to use the headphones it is necessary to cut off the available stereophonic plug, along with having soldered new bipolar kinds of TS:

  • wires of one color are connected with each other and soldered to contact “earth”;
  • wires of different color are twisted and are fixed on alarm contact.

In the karaoke they usually use the connecting plugs of the type «Jack 6.3» (нou can learn more about karaoke microphones at They differ only in the size of a sleeve and can be connected in the similar way. To expose the required strengthening level on the personal computer, you will have to enter the Start-up menu on the interface panel. Next, you need to proceed in the section “Control panel” → “Properties” → “Sound” → “Record”. You will have to, tapping on an earphone cap, to establish by a romper suit the sufficient level of loudness.

The low-impedance headphones can shunt a microphone entrance, however it is better to connect devices via modules preamplifiers. They are available in all DVD players and more modern audiodevices. Headphones will easily help to read messages in Skype, Sipnet or to sing with friends under a soundtrack. Good headphones can replace even some budgetary models of microphones with their quality of sound.

Before choosing headphones or their wire analog, it is necessary to pay special attention to features, their usage and other things. So, these are the following technical characteristics of the headphones:

  • Frequency range. Here it is rather simple to choose from: the best items on quality have wider range. The lower the sound range, the less sound will be qualitative and pleasant for an ear. An average frequency here from 5 Hz to 25 kHz.
  • Sensitivity. This indicator influences transfer of level of loudness. Usually when we are listening to each other it is enough for us the average loudness while low-quality models even at the maximum loudness give a low sound.

For the majority of high quality items the average value fluctuates from 90 to 120 DB here. For some the maximum indicator is 105 DB. Pay attention that at some cheap earphones the sensitivity specified in the passport doesn’t coincide with real.

  • Power. Power provides a good, dense and strong sound. But if you have already chosen for yourself model with good sensitivity, then high power isn’t required to you – several milliwatts will be enough. Especially it is important if you decide what headphones to choose for a player or for the smartphone. Of course, you can always pick up the most powerful option. However, here you might face a problem that the accumulator will be discharged several times faster than usual.

Obviously, headphones can differ not only according to the technical aspects. They also differ on types and external data. To understand how to choose good headphones, it is better to understand them in core.

These are the following types of the headphones:

  • Vacuum earphones or earphones plugs. Very convenient, imperceptible, with a possibility of replacement of nozzles and changes of the size. It is better to advise this type to those who are looking for the best quality in music.
  • Headphones inserts, so-called “droplets”. Classical model of wire headphones without additional nozzles as opposed to which often put vacuum headphones.
  • Consignment notes. Convenient option for those who love walking or jogging to the beats of music.
  • Monitor. These are big, often professional items with a rim. They gained the popularity from gamers and also with sound recording studios.
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