Huckabee: Vets before Welfare Recipients


Former Arkansas Governor and media personality Mike Huckabee, in a discussion about the significance of Veterans’ Day on his nationally syndicated radio show, challenged all Americans to honor the sacrifice members of our military make year round, and not just on Veterans’ Day.

“Do not let it be lost on you that these brave men and woman purchased our freedom with their lives. We only have this great country because of the men and women in the military. Don’t for a minute think the politicians are our heroes. I’ve served in public office. It ain’t nothing compared to what folks do when they put on the uniform of this country…and face down bullets and bombs. They don’t know if they are coming home to their families or not.

“We cannot, we must not allow them to be forgotten. It would absolutely be a sin against those who are the most important people in our culture. If we have to tear down every monument in Washington D.C. and chop up the bits and sell the pieces of stone to pay for our veterans’ care then that’s what we should do. Our veterans should never have to wait in line. Anybody on food stamps or any kind of public assistance should have to wait in line until every veteran’s needs have been met, and then and only then should we provide services to anyone else.

“What we do for our vets is not welfare. What we do for them is not a government entitlement or government bailout. It is government honoring its pledge and promise to those who kept their promise to America. This is merely a nation honoring its debt to the veterans.

“We all owe a debt to our veterans. And I am working to pay my debt by contributing to the VFW. I would ask all Americans to remember our vets and honor them every day. The best way to do that is by supporting the organizations and programs that help our nation pay its debt to veterans.”

The fundraising effort to support the VFW has already raised nearly $50,000, which is half of the $100,000 goal.

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