Huge Jump in Cyber Attacks


We lock the front doors to our homes and have sophisticated alarm systems to protect ourselves, so why aren’t we doing more to keep ONLINE BURGLARS out of our computers, digital devices, and sensitive online  information?

Computer hackers are here to stay. In fact, global cyber attacks continue to grow at an alarming rate. The 2014 Global State of Information Security Survey reveals a 48% increase from the year before. An average of 117,339 cyber attacks occur  daily.

What’s the answer to securely surfing the internet without fear of malicious attacks? Private Tunnel. We provide security, protection, privacy, accessibility and anonymity to more than 2.5 million users  worldwide.

Surfing the net at Starbucks, checking your bank account balance, making online purchases, revealing confidential passwords or personal credit card information are all activities that expose us to cyber theft and fraud. We encourage people to use our simple and effective Private Tunnel service, before a serious breach happens, not after,” says Francis Dinha, CEO of  OpenVPN.

Private Tunnel secures users communication, eliminates spoofing, protects users against cyber threats, hides your identity, and enables users to access any content from anywhere in the world. Private Tunnel service is based on our own OpenVPN (Open source Virtual Private Network) core software which has become the de-facto standard in the industry for anyone wanting the most secure VPN  service.

“Revealing your public IP address is like posting your home address for the world to see. People need to realize how vulnerable that makes them to cyber thieves,” says  Dinha.

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