I’m Defecting From The Tea Party

By J. Carleen, Contributor to US Daily Review.

I thought I had the hardcore Tea Party values for about two years now, but maybe I have been lying to myself this whole time. Lately they seem to be un-empathetic, applauding a person’s right to suffer and die and booing immigration policies they know nothing about. I thought we agreed on Rick Perry as our nominee. I thought misspoken words and phrases didn’t bother us, anyone can make mistakes or say something that we do not agree with but he is still our guy, right? I thought we were not as sensitive as the hyper- political correctness freaks on the left.

A few issues with Gov. Perry have come up and now some of their backs have turned on him, why? Some weak Tea Party members got their feelings hurt when he said you have to be heartless for not educating children of illegal immigrants. Has anyone in the Tea Party looked at the facts? Who in Florida cares about Texas immigration policies? Apparently the Texans who live in this state didn’t seem to mind when the vote over educating illegals that have been here at least 3 years or longer occurred June 1, 2001. Out of the 181 members in the Texas Legislature, only 4 voted against it. I agree with my governor, it is heartless not to educate children that are here at no fault of their own. They graduated high school and now they want to go to college. Oh! these immigrants must be the bad immigrants, you know the ones that want to assimilate and contribute intelligently to the human race. I would not want anymore of those smart bilingual yahoos running around! I’m all about border safety, patrol and immigration quotas, but really? We are going to pick that one thing that passed through the Texas Legislature eleven years ago?

According to the Texas Tribune, in 2007 if you combine the undocumented immigrant population in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma, it is 1.55 million. That total grew another 1.8 million in 2010, Texas has a little more than 1.65 million of those undocumented immigrants. That is more than 7% of the state’s population of 25 million people. What choice does he have? I want my governor to be compassionate and only Texans understand the special relationship we have with Mexico. I would not expect the Right or Left elite from Massachusetts to comprehend the Texas and Mexico economic relationship nor its rich history and culture we share. 37.6% of the population in Texas is Hispanic, that does not include the undocumented immigrants. Last years trade was at an all time high, did you know that Mexico ranks at No. 3 in trade with the U.S.? Texas was the No. 1 trader with Mexico at almost $400 billion worth. Smells like jobs to me. That is despite all the drug war issues and murders on the border. On September 27, 2011 in case the Tea Party missed this fact while out buying Kleenex, according to Development Magazine the Lone Star State ranked “Best Business Climate” of all 50 states by both Development Counselors International and “Best in Class” for state economic development organizations.

How offensive would it be to Governor Perry’s constituents if he behaved “Heartless” towards educating Hispanics who want to be educated? Who thinks it is a good idea to let more dumb people live in your state? Isn’t it about the individual states rights? Isn’t that what the Tea Party stands for instead of letting the federal government decide what is best? Did Rick Perry say he was going to make this a law nationally if he became President? How would this unique Texas law work in lets say New Hampshire, where their population is smaller than San Antonio, and virtually no immigration issues. New England, Florida and several other states have no clue what Texas is all about and what our values are. Rick Perry is the only one running for President that has to deal with major border security issues, drug cartels, inclement weather conditions, not just ice storms and snow. Foreign policy issues, and yes Mexico is a foreign country to the U.S., so that would include foreign policy decisions, three major economic cities Houston, Dallas and San Antonio. Oil production, refineries and the death penalty. Phew! He sounds like someone who is actually running something and taking care of business.

Idiots on both sides forget how to be empathetic, the Tea Party crowd happily jeers when Wolf Blitzer from CNN said that society is going to let an uninsured man die? Ron Paul suggested and I quote “That’s what freedom is all about. Taking your own risks.” What kind of people are you? Has anyone in the Tea Party ever lost a decent paying job? Has anyone gotten in a car wreck in Mexico? They don’t have 911 there so you will get your freedom to die and suffer as you wish. If you want freedom like that then go to Mexico, I hear it’s nice this time of NEVER! This is not how we win elections, even if it is only a small portion of idiots that think this way, it still makes me look like an idiot when they are jeering on national television. Is there no compromise? I am defecting from this party, stay tuned next week for more political self-realizations.

From your disenfranchised EX Tea party member.

Jenn is a freelance writer with a focus on politics and humorous mayhem. Centered on criminal justice and history, she is a police officer, EMT, wife and mom of four. While born in Maine she is a true Texan. You can find Jenn on Twitter @JennKnightKiser and @ http://contributor.yahoo.com

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