IG: $1M in Improper Disability Payments Went to Imprisoned Criminals


The Social Security Administration (SSA) issued an estimated $1 million in improper payments between 2000 and 2010 to people who were in prison, according to an Office of Inspector General (OIG) Report entitled Special Disability Workload Payments Made to Incarcerated Beneficiaries.
“SSA did not adjust approximately $58,037 in DI payments made to 25 beneficiaries when they were ineligible for benefits,” reads the report.
“We estimate SSA overpaid about $879,000 in DI benefits to about 317 beneficiaries who had periods of conviction and incarceration and about $143,000 in DI benefits to 123 beneficiaries for periods when SSI payments were suspended,” reads the report.
Combined, this means SSA overpaid $1,022,000 to 440 beneficiaries.
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