Immigration Consultants to Canada: Why You May Need Them in 2021

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Life in Canada is safe and peaceful, and the population is highly supportive of immigration, social diversity, and growth. It is a place to raise a happy family and develop a successful career.


However, it is so difficult. With so many options and opportunities – how do you know how to navigate the process?

Many people choose to use services, such as an immigration professional who can help you through the process. 


When choosing your consultant, you don’t want to gamble. You want to choose the best one to make sure you get through the process as quickly, easily, and cheaply as possible. 


In this article, you may see why you will need an immigration consultant in 2021.

Why Should You Possibly Hire a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant(RCIC)?

Do you think you can immigrate to Canada on your own? Are you one hundred percent sure you understand their immigration policy?


Probably not! No matter who you are, you can’t compete with the information that immigration consultants have.


You may believe that the benefits of immigration consultants are grossly overstated. You may be hesitant to seek counseling because of limited funds. We understand both your skepticism and your fears.


Nevertheless, hiring regulated Canadian immigrant consultants might be a necessity for you. As an example, check out this Great North Visa review. It’s always a good idea to read reviews before you opt for a specific consultants.

What Is A Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC)?

An RCIC should be licensed and regulated by the Immigration Consultants Regulatory Council of Canada (ICCRC), a regulatory body regulated by the Government of Canada to protect consumers who want to use the services and assistance of Canadian Immigration Consultants. 


The Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant assists individuals who seek to immigrate to Canada for study, work, travel, or permanent relocation. The ICCRC is a trusted means of finding authentic Canadian immigration consultants.


Why is it vital for you to look for regulated professionals?

For starters, these guys have years of experience. They are also always in sync with the immigration process. It makes them one of the best sources of reference for anyone moving to Canada.


In addition to their skills and experience, consultants are known to provide you with:


  • Legal immigration solutions
  • Secure network connections for relocation
  • Proper briefing on legal immigration laws
  • Effective methods and programs for optimizing relocation


Overall, this is a safe way to immigrate to Canada. Anyone who is not registered in this directory will not be reliable enough to relocate. 


Also, it could be scammers who take advantage of your vulnerability and desperation for monetary gain. It is something you don’t want to deal with!


Therefore, to protect you from fraud, it is advisable to choose authorized immigration consultants.

Top Reasons Why Someone May Need An Immigration Consultant

There are a number of reasons why you may need an immigration consultant. Here are a few:

You Enjoy Convenience

With the help of a representative, you will have more time to focus your attention on important things like work, school, or family, as the case may be. It is enough time for some people to work with a consultant.


You will most likely be filling out many immigration forms for your immigration program for the first time. However, an experienced consultant should be familiar with every question on every last form. 


If you are not sure exactly what documents you need to gather, a good consultant should be able to guide you. If you want someone to help you with this, it’s handy to have a Canadian immigration consultant on your side. 

You May Have Been Refused Previously

If you have ever been denied entry to Canada, you should have received a letter from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) explaining why. 


Applications are often rejected because of the following:


  • Incomplete or incorrect documents
  • Because it was determined that you were not eligible to apply in the first place
  • Because the IRCC officer was not certain, you would or could not meet the program’s conditions, such as showing the necessary proof of funds or intent to leave Canada after your temporary stay.


No matter the case, you probably don’t want to make the same mistake again or make a whole new mistake. It is where a Canadian immigration consultant can be of great help to you.

What Are The Other Benefits Of Immigration Consultants?

The main advantage is that they support you throughout the entire immigration process. Moreover, they take care of most of the paperwork. 


It means that you end up saving time, money and minimizing the risk of inappropriate behavior when working with professionals.


Let’s take a closer look at everything consultants have to offer:

Save Time And Money

An immigration consultant can save you time and money and let you know which Canadian visa is right for you. They should be there every step of the way throughout the process. 


Obtaining a visa can be much easier and faster if you use the services of an immigration consultant. When choosing an immigration consultant, you should ask questions like, “What are your options for getting a visa?”

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants Are Educated

Since 2004, consultants have become authorized immigration counselors who are required to complete an accredited program. 


The accredited program provides advisors with important information about Canadian immigration law and the proper procedures for applying for citizenship and immigration in Canada. 


Members are also kept up-to-date on new information and changes in the field of immigration. Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants, or RCICs, are legally authorized representatives and members of the Regulatory Council of Immigration Consultants of Canada.

Canadian Immigration Consultants Are Insured

Members must obtain errors and omissions insurance, which protects applicants from unintentional acts that can cause financial harm.


It is to protect the consumer and the advisor – even the best can make a mistake that can cause harm to a client. 


Suppose a client believes that an advisor has not acted in their best interest and that their actions have harmed them. In that case, they have the right to file a complaint with the ICCRC. 

Canadian Immigration Consultants Are Required To Follow Ethical And Professional Guidelines

Board members and consultants are subject to a Code of Ethical Conduct, which provides appropriate practice procedures. 


The Code requires everyone to abide by strict rules, including service quality, professionalism, ethical practices, and confidentiality. Violation of these codes is considered an act of noncompliance. 


It is taken seriously and promptly dealt with as a matter of importance. Also, members must present good behavior evidence before it is regulated, including submitting a police clearance report.

Staying On Top Of The Process

Timelines are the driving force behind all stages of the immigration process. There are several dates to keep in mind, from sending in application forms to handing in additional documents. 


Also, there are many documents you need to fill out to become a suitable candidate for immigration. 


When you work alone, you are bound to mess up or miss details. It is especially true for people who have never lived abroad.


Therefore, getting a regulated consultant seems like a strategic move. That’s because their professional help will help you:


  • Stay on top of all your deadlines without a hitch.
  • Cover all the minute details in your documents (e.g., signatures, spelling, and additional documentation).
  • Meet the requirements and follow all necessary steps required for each immigration program.


Also, there have been cases where the rules or format of the application program has changed. It is something you won’t hear about until you are denied a visa. Consultants have proven to be effective in preventing any mistakes.


In short, immigration consultants can act as a voice of wisdom during your immigration process. They make sure you don’t miss anything essential or sign up for something that will tarnish your reputation with officials, especially in 2021.

To Sum Up

The advantages of hiring a Canadian immigration consultant are vast. These professionals are the persons who represent you in front of the immigration office. They are also the best way to get a visa to Canada as quickly and hassle-free as possible, especially in 2021.


Consultants can get your application right the first time, which means you have the best chance of success, and your application is optimized correctly.


 You will be able to follow your application’s status with your consultant and understand everything about your application.


So if you decide to hire an immigration consultant, consider doing as much research as possible. Ask for referrals, search online, and start your Canadian visa application today.


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