Immigration Nightmare at the Border

By Candace Salima, Senior Contributor on US Daily Review

Barack Obama is now blaming the illegal immigration nightmare at our southern border on Republicans. Let’s be clear, all this happened, the children jumping our southern border without their parents, happened because Barack Obama has a weak foreign policy, and he let the world know he intended to act unilaterally on granting amnesty to the twelve to twenty million illegal aliens within our borders. As soon as he did that, there was and influx of illegal aliens, and then the children came. Parents, and God only knows what they were thinking, sent their children with human traffickers and cartels to get them into America. It became a humanitarian, health, and economic nightmare overnight.

Diseases previously eradicated in America have been reintroduced. Since they are housing the children all together, they most likely have shared their diseases and Barack Obama has decided to ship them across the nation to various cities and towns, and drop the kids off. These same cities and towns are livid. Economically they are struggling, but Obama doesn’t care about that, he just wants this mess off his hands.

In Texas, there have been 642,000 crimes committed in the last seven years, 40% of which have been committed against Texans by illegal aliens. The border patrol in Texas are driving gunboats along the Rio Grand, heavily armored. Not only do they have to deal with the Mexican drug cartels, they have deal with OTMs, Other Than Mexicans. Reports are coming out that a scarily large number of Middle Eastern men, terrorists, are also jumping our southern border. The number of Middle Easterners being interdicted is astonishing. Here’s my question, how many are NOT being interdicted?

This is a huge national security issue, absolutely huge. Dick Cheney is not wrong when he said the next successful terrorist attack in America will be bigger than 9/11. And this will happen because of the weakness of Barack Obama as president. Obama says our southern border is safe, but the statistics don’t bear that out. The citizens on the United States/Mexican border are at war and the federal government is ignoring them.

According to Governor Perry, the Border Patrol in Texas, a lot of them former military, say they are recognizing the same tactics being used against them as they saw in Afghanistan. There’s no question that reports I received several years ago of terrorists getting into bed with the drug cartels are true. Our southern border is a war zone and our Border Patrol is woefully undermanned and lacking in the proper weaponry to fight this battle.

Governor Rick Perry is adamant that the border can become secure if they can use:

1) Predator drones on the border;

2) Boots on the ground (3,000 dedicated Border Patrol Agents for Texas); and

3) Quick Response Teams.

In 2011, Barack Obama mocked people who wanted our border secured. And now we are in the dead center of a humanitarian, health, economic and immigration crisis currently unmatched in our history. A Mexican military helicopter crossed our border and fired on our border patrol then flew back over the border. What happened? Was Mexico called to task? No. No, they weren’t.

It’s time to take this situation seriously and secure our border. Governor Perry is not wrong in what he wants to do, but I highly recommend Sheriff Paul Babeu of Pial County, Arizona be consulted. He did an excellent job of securing the border in Yuma County. Here are my suggestions on how to secure our border:

1) Predator drones patrol the entire southern and northern borders;

2) Quick Response Teams and an increase in the number of Border Patrol agents;

3) Border Patrol Agent be given the authority to properly defend our borders;

4) Create a DMZ and put our military on both northern and southern borders;

5) Welfare cancelled for all illegal aliens;

6) All schools closed to illegal aliens;

7) Enforce employment laws, drying up the work market for illegals;

Yes, these measures may be deemed harsh. But the fact remains that these measures wouldn’t be necessary if we had a real president who enforced our borders and our laws, instead of cherry picking the laws and people he uses them against. And seriously, we have a right to our sovereignty, Mexico needs to stop telling its people they have a right to any part of America. Mexico fought a war with us and lost. We could have kept the entire nation, but we didn’t, we gave back half of it, a very fruitful half of it. It’s a little thing called conquest and the spoils of war. Live with it.

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