Immunologist Raises Concerns about Vaccines

By Classen Immunotherapies, Inc. Special for  USDR

J. Bart Classen, MD  ( of Classen Immunotherapies has written the following letter on immunization policy to President Trump, that echoes Classen’s  followers including many from Trump’s conservative  base.

Dear President  Trump,

You campaigned on the promise of stopping government vaccine policies that have led to the injuries of millions of Americans. As you know  vaccines cause chronic immune disorders such as autism, diabetes, asthma, allergies and multiple different autoimmune diseases. Because of vaccines these diseases are increasing at epidemic proportions. It has been estimated that 50% of adults in the USA have diabetes or prediabetes. We challenge you to stop being distracted by career politicians who are responsible for this tragedy and live up to your campaign promise. Further delays in stopping this tragedy will only leave your administration culpable for these deaths and  injuries.

The disastrous government vaccine policies can be stopped by the executive branch without the need of congressional action. The following are several simple solutions that your administration can implement  immediately.

1. Stop the CDC from recommending immunization until adequate clinical trials are performed. Vaccines such as the hepatitis B vaccine were approved with less that 2 weeks of safety data. Newer vaccines are routinely approved by the FDA with less than 1 year of safety data and these trials are often too small and poorly controlled to detect rises in autism and diabetes. The CDC should be honest with the public about the complete lack of any data that vaccines improve  health.

2. Stop the FDA from approving new vaccines until proper clinical trials are performed. An adequate trial needs to include approximately 500,000 patients and follow each patient for at least 7 years. Half the patients should receive the vaccine of interest and half should receive a placebo control in its place. Current FDA sanctioned safety trials include comparison between groups receiving different vaccines. This trial design is like comparing arsenic to cyanide and concluding both are safe because the mortality is the same in both groups. The FDA should begin mandating that vaccines already approved based on flawed trial designs be removed from the market unless proper clinical trials are started  immediately.

3. Have the US Attorney General investigate the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.  This program has been a total failure and millions who developed diabetes, autism, and other vaccine induced diseases have not been compensated. The program appears to be part of your so called  “Swamp”. In one case a lawyer for a plaintiff was caught embezzling money from the vaccine fund by submitting a bogus expense report to the court. The lawyer was not disbarred and still practices before the vaccine  court.

It is essential you live up to your campaign promises immediately and correct the dangerous government vaccine  policies.


J. Bart Classen,  MD

SOURCE Classen Immunotherapies,  Inc.

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