In New Hampshire, Bad News for Hillary

By Townhall/Gravis, Special for  USDR

A new Townhall/Gravis poll has indicated Sen. Kellly A. Ayotte, who received an endorsement from Sarah Palin, is mounting a lead over the incumbent, Gov. Margaret Maggie Hassan. Ayotte is leading with voters under 50, while Hassan is showing a majority of support with  Democrats.

When it comes to the impending presidential race, early polls by Townhall/Gravis Marketing are showing that the early Democratic front runner is polling in a close race with Republicans. The Wisconsin Gov. Scott K. Walker has 3% lead over Clinton. Walker is leading Clinton, 49% to 41%, and has a 72% hold on Evangelical  Protestants.

Doug Kaplan, the managing partner of Gravis Insights of of the leading political camapign firms, has stated that the early polling has indicated that Clinton is the favorite for the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee. He states, “The recent issues with the Clinton finances and email scandal have obviously hurt her. Her announcement did not seem to give her a bump. We believe this is a temporary setback to for Mrs.  Clinton.”

As of now, Clinton does not have a serious candidate for the Democratic nomination. It’s speculated that once the debates begin and opponents appear, Clinton will be able to contrast with these opponents and her poll numbers will recover. As she is the primary target for all 2016 Democratic Presidential attention, the increased attention paid to her missteps are resulting in lower, yet recoverable, poll  numbers.

On the Republican presidential front, neither Florida governor John E. “Jeb” Bush or Gov. Walker have announced their formal candidacy for president. Despite this. Jeb and Walker hold the top two spot in polls, with Sen. Randall H. “Rand” Paul slightly  behind.

Clint and Bush are dead locked at 42%, while Paul has a slight lead on Clinton at 45% to 44%. Paul leads slightly among Catholics and significantly among Evangelical  Protestants.

Paul is favored by men, at 51% to 40%. Clinton, however, is preferred by women, at 47% to 43%. Kaplan states that Paul has the closest numbers to Clinton among women than other Republican  candidates.

Gravis Insights is a non-partisan research firm that provides political polls and political campaign software. The numbers discussed in this poll were reached by conducting a random telephone survey of potential Democratic and Republican primary voters in New Hampshire, along with general election voters. Overall, there were  1,117

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