In the Energy Industry


90% of Engaged Employees say SAFETY is a top priority EVERY DAY … while only 20% of Actively Disengaged employees can say the same thing. As a result, the most “engaged” work teams are 43% safer than their less engaged counterparts. Considering the importance of safety in the Energy Industry, it may be time to take a closer look at implementing or updating your investment in Employee Engagement  efforts.

In the Energy Industry, research conducted by Evolve Performance Group finds that an employee’s level of engagement connects directly to safety, turnover, and overall job  satisfaction.

With Active Disengagement costing the US economy $550 Billion in 2014 (Gallup), the cost/benefit equation of investing in Employee Engagement should be top of mind for executives worldwide – especially in the Energy Industry where safety is the ticket to entry for so many business  opportunities.

Building an organization that embraces engagement isn’t about making employees HAPPY; it’s about keeping people safe and improving productivity and profitability. It’s about minimizing turnover and removing barriers that are affecting business   performance.

Evolve Performance Group is passionate about measurement with a purpose; our engagement initiatives measure what matters to your organization and identify specific, data-driven actions that will drive employee engagement and positively impact the bottom  line.

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