In the House, Another “Obamacare” Provision Repealed

By US Daily Review Staff.

Today, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to repeal the Independent Payment Advisory Board, one of the 159 new federal agencies and programs created under the Democrat’s two year old health care takeover law.

“We can do better for the American Public than this horrible health care law and we’re doing that today,” said Texas Congressman Kevin Brady whose health care chart shows how this legislation puts levels upon levels of bureaucracy between patients and their doctors. “Today, we voted to repeal this rationing board, because America’s seniors don’t need 15 unelected bureaucrats making life or death decisions for them. I have no doubt that if this is not repealed, my mother and everyone else who relies on Medicare will someday see their treatments limited by these unelected bureaucrats.”  This is the 26th item in the President’s healthcare legislation to be repealed by the House.

“The President and congressional Democrats like to claim ‘we’re not rationing’ because the government will not actually deny treatment to a senior who needs care. What they don’t tell you is that this unelected board has a mandate and the power to deny reimbursements to the local doctor, hospital or health care provider so they can’t afford to treat the senior,” says Brady. “If that’s not rationing, I don’t know what is.”

In repealing the IPAB board, the House voted to cancel 15 Presidentially appointed positions with annual salaries of $165,300  and address junk medical lawsuits that raise the costs of health care in America. “Frankly, I’d rather reimburse our doctors fairly and remove the fear of unsubstantiated malpractise lawsuits than waste tax dollars on more bureaucrats,” concluded Brady.

In spite of a clear desire for a different policy in the US House, all of the repeals will not matter without the White House supporting them. This is among the reasons 2012 is so important to the GOP.

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