Independent Media Exposes Obama’s Internet Agenda


Graham Ledger, host of The Daily Ledger show on One America News Network caught a passionate FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai during the taping of The Daily Ledger earlier today.  Commissioner Pai blasted the President for specifying how the “independent” FCC should further regulate the   Internet.

Commenting on the President’s interference with Internet regulation policy at the FCC, an independent government agency, Commissioner Pai stated, “I’ve never seen anything like it.”  Pai further highlighted the President’s continued meddling in FCC policy affairs by stating, “And if you go to his website even today, it says I have a plan for regulating the Internet and I want the FCC to implement it.  As an independent agency, that’s not what we should be doing, taking your directions from political  actors.”

Regarding the Obama proposed regulation scheduled for an upcoming FCC vote, Commissioner Pai argues for much needed transparency, stating, “If we are going to adopt a 332 page plan inspired by the President that regulates virtually every part of this critical part of our national fabric, the Internet, we should let the American people see it before the FCC votes on  it.”

The Daily Ledger host Graham Ledger states, “It’s refreshing for a government official to truly ask for transparency on behalf of the American people.  Commissioner Pai is sounding the alarms and, as he stated, ‘…the lack of openness and transparency does have an echo in the healthcare context’, which we should have heavily and openly debated Obama Care before it was passed to see what was in  it.”

The Daily Ledger show featuring Commissioner Pai airs tonight at 8 pm ET with additional airings this Saturday and Sunday at 5 pm ET on One America News Network.  One America News is available nationally on AT&T U-verse TV channel 208 and 1208 in HD, on Verizon FiOS TV on channel 116 and 616 in HD, and CenturyLink Prism TV on Channel 209 and 1209 in HD, along with over 100 regional cable providers.   A segment of The Daily Ledger featuring Commissioner Pai is available at

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