Intel Evo Laptops: The Facts About the New Update

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The advances in the tech game have taken us leaps and bounds, especially for laptops. From better battery to shorter wake times, the competition for the best laptops is neck and neck. However, how do you know which one delivers?

This is where the Intel Evo laptops come in. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for many laptop companies to “mix and match” their parts. This means that companies pair older versions of hardware with newer ones.

If you’re planning on getting a new laptop, then it’s best that you know what you’re getting. Make sure that you have top-of-the-line quality with Intel Evo laptops.

Experience the new generation of laptops and leave the old behind. Here’s everything you need to know about Intel Evo and what to look for.

What’s It All About?

Not everyone is a tech expert, and many laptop companies use this fact to prey on the uninformed. Sometimes, you might think you’re getting a great deal for your money’s worth. However, upon closer inspection, you’ll find that some of the specs aren’t right.

This, coupled with the fast-paced release of new upgrades, will leave the average consumer in the dark. Unless, of course, you find a trustworthy or reputable salesperson or company.

You might think that increasing your budget might be the solution to this, but that isn’t always the case. So, how do you find a good quality, top-tier laptop without breaking the bank?

The answer to this is by looking for the Intel Evo platform badge. Intel has topped the industry for over five decades, and they know what quality is. Even Apple has used its chips and processors over the years.

It wasn’t until recently that Apple shifted to their version – the M1. That said, several big-name competitors carry the Intel brand. Despite this, the Intel Evo badge isn’t bestowed on all of them.

This is because of Intel’s high standards and criteria and set KEI targets. All these ensure that you’re getting a powerful and efficient laptop. You don’t need to be a tech geek (or do hours and hours of research) to know what you’re getting.

Meeting the Criteria

So, what is Intel Evo, and what does it take to meet the criteria? One thing’s for sure – it’s not only components and branding. It’s ensuring that the experience of using your laptop is one that’s able to keep up for the years to come.

This means only certifying 11Gen Intel Core i5 or i7, combined with Intel Xe integrated graphics. These offer higher clock speeds and better onboard memory for a larger cache. With these on your laptop, processing heavy and repetitive tasks become a breeze.

Another criterion Intel Evo laptops target is battery performance. Ensuring great components or a smooth experience is essential. Though won’t mean much if the battery charge or life expectancy is poor.

This is why one of the most important standards Intel Evo sets is on the quality of the battery. They boast a 20% increase in capacity, battery life, and faster charging. While all these seem too good to be true, they also cap it off with a sleek and lightweight design.

Commuting or having your laptop with you won’t be an issue. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional, a student, or the average laptop user. With the Intel Evo badge, your laptop is sure to handle the demanding tech needs of today’s lifestyle.

It’s capable of surpassing outdated PC-set ups or laptops with bottlenecked specs. All these make it worth your while, without needing to replace it after a couple of years.

Save Time, Money, and a Headache

It isn’t uncommon for those looking to get a new, replacement laptop to spend a good part of it doing research. What’s even worse is that in the past two years, the global issue has highlighted the necessity of having a laptop capable of doing everything. Working from home without lag or limitations is critical and is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity.

The same is true for our ability to relax and enjoy our downtime. For this reason, the last thing we want is the frustration of a sub-par laptop. When you go to the store or order online, you want something that will put in the work, last a long time, and not break the bank.

An Intel Evo badge is more than a sticker telling you it passed a performance or standards test. When you see a laptop that’s had the Intel Evo designation placed on it, you know it’s fit for purpose. You’ll know that for the money, it’s a leader in its category and will give you years of top-notch service.

Intel Evo means a battery that lasts 9+ real-world hours when others struggle to get 6. It means performance that can get the most of your available RAM. An Intel Evo laptop saves you from spending your hard-earned money on inferior products.

The current global pandemic has also meant plenty of laptop shortages. This has sometimes resulted in lower-quality builds hitting store shelves. The Intel Evo badge keeps you informed.

The Processing Difference of an Intel Evo Laptop

An Intel Evo processor is a cut above. They start with a strict requirement that a laptop’s processor has to at least be from their newest line of 11th Gen Tiger Lake chips. This door will, of course, be open for Intel’s future generation of chips beyond the current one.

In addition to this, the minimum requirement of needing an i-5 or better sets a pretty high bar. It’s necessary to achieve the kind of performance and longevity people look for. The fact is the market is full of Intel’s 10th generation of chips, and a fair number of these run on an i-3 platform.

It’s true that Intel’s 10th Gen chips and i-3 models have served their purpose. In the right circumstances or combination of parts, they might even still be worth a look. The problem is they are severely outclassed by Intel’s newer 11th Gen chips, and the i-3 struggles to keep up.

The i-3 can’t get the best out of the newer chips, hence why Intel raised the bar. You can also still find laptops with 10th Gen chips sitting next to newer ones on store shelves. What makes this worse is they tend to cost the same or even more than the superior 11th Gen ones.

Laptops using 11th Gen chips beat 10th Gen ones across the board. This is why the Intel Evo difference is important. Intel Evo Laptops are a guarantee of quality.

Which Laptops Have Already Passed the Intel Evo Test?

Several top laptops have already passed the Intel Evo certification test. Chances are you’ve seen several of them and even considered buying them. You might have even picked one up yourself because of its quality and are enjoying how much better it is over your older one.

Stand-out models include the Dell XPS 13, Lenovo Yoga 9i, HP Spectre x360 14, Acer Swift 5, and Asus ZenBook Flip S model. The thing to appreciate is how all of these laptops incorporate Intel’s new “rapid wake” tech. They also offer Thunderbolt 4 ports and the Tiger Lake 11th Gen intel Evo processors.

Like the XP13 and Spectre x360 14, many of these are available for under $1000, and the battery life is a definite step up. You’re unlikely to find any Intel Evo options that offer under 8GB of RAM, with 16GB+ being the standard. A 512GB+ SSD is also available without blowing a hole in your wallet.

Many of the best laptop makers are taking up Intel Evo’s challenge and looking to deliver the best.

Future-Proofing Laptop Buying

Intel has announced plans to update the requirements of the Intel Evo certification program ahead of its 12-Gen chips. The goal is to incorporate new developments and keep the bar high for new laptops. This ensures that only new and cutting-edge laptops continue to get the Intel Evo badge.

The importance of this is pretty clear. Every time you go out and buy a laptop, you’re faced with a near-impossible decision. The terminology, serial numbers, component names, and advertising change all the time.

The changes in naming and innovations don’t always reflect competitive performance. People who aren’t well-versed in the nitty-gritty of laptop and PC parts won’t know which one is a bang for their buck. Some laptops combine outdated or slower processors with newer graphics cards.

This creates bottlenecks, as mentioned earlier. This problem continues with RAM, mobos, batteries, screens, and any other part you can think of.

Intel Evo’s commitment to updating its standards for newer innovations ensures this. New tech and innovations come and go, but Intel Evo will vet them all. The combined final result, as long as it has the badge, is fully guaranteed to stand tall as a leader of its type and class.

Intel Evo Laptops Are the Future

Picking a laptop that suits your needs and will last a long time can be difficult. Intel Evo makes it easier to spot a quality laptop without needing an expert in the parts or innovations. If you see Intel Evo laptops, you know the device’s battery, processor, and reliability are good.

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