International Community MIA in Christian Genocide

By Bernie Kerik, Special for  USDR

The international community is missing in action when it comes to aiding Christians being persecuted around the globe by radical Islamists, former NYPD Commissioner and interim Minister of the Interior of Iraq Bernie Kerik said Monday on “America’s Forum”
on Newsmax  TV.

“Where’s the international community? Where is the UN Security Council?” asked Kerik, author of the new best-seller From Jailer to Jailed: My Journey From Correction and Police Commissioner to Inmate  #85888-054.”

“You have Christians being persecuted and slaughtered in Libya, in Iraq, in Syria. Last week there were a number of Syrians that were executed, Christians. This is growing across Asia, across the Middle East and across Africa, and somebody has to do something about  it.

“The international community has to come together. There has to be a massive coalition to fight  this.”

While the situation is growing “worse by the day,” news about Christian genocide is diminishing, he  said.

“We hear about it but think about, you know, if somebody went out and executed a mass number of Christians five, six, eight years ago, it would have been on the front page of every newspaper in this country,” said Kerik. “Today it’s page 5, it’s page 6. It’s not a major headline. With the exception of Newsmax, I haven’t seen it as a major headline  anywhere.”

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A video showing Islamic State (ISIS)-affiliated militants killing Ethiopian Christians in Libya has hit the Internet, another glaring sign that the international community must step up, according to  Kerik.

“The time for talking is over,” he said. “These aren’t people you can negotiate with. These aren’t people that you’re going to have a diplomatic solution with. You’re going to kill them or they’re going to kill us. It’s one or the other and I don’t think, I still don’t think, people get it  yet.”

The world has stood oddly by as Christians from Ethiopians, Syria, Egypt and other places are being “mass murdered, persecuted for their faith, and it’s wrong and it’s growing,” Kerik said. “I mean you look at the training camps, the ISIS and ISIL and al-Qaida training camps. They’re trying all across northern Africa right now. This has to be stopped and it has to be stopped  quickly.”

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