iPhone locked in Apple logo? 3 ways to solve including iPhone DFU mode

Any Apple user, sooner or later, will have to contend with this annoying problem of iPhone crash: being confronted with the screen blocked with the logo of the chewed apple, that is, having your iPhone blocked. There is no escaping this discomfort. It is possible that the iPhone is affected by the fact that the device is being used, some overload or even some bug that causes this situation. But how to solve it briefly and effectively? It is the question that imposes itself and we will respond with 3 precious aids. We include repairing if your device stuck in iPhone DFU mode.

You can list some of the most common factors that may contribute to your phone locking the screen with the Apple logo.

– After the iPhone update for iOS 10;
– The iPhone gets the screen locked after the Jailbreak;
– After restoring iPhone from iTunes or iCloud;
– After a problem has occurred during an update or performing a normal restore

When the screen is locked with the Apple logo, the smartphone stays static and you can’t move to any menu, leaving the user to look at the screen, often “waiting for those who did not promise”.

To resume using iPhone with all its features, you need to launch into the discovery of which or what ways are available to unlock this situation. So here are the ways to do it effectively:

  1. Easier solution: force iPhone restart

    In the most normal situations and where the iPhone has not detected any more problems, it is possible that the resolution passes by the user forcing manually the restart of the smartphone. This operation will not cause any damage to the device.

    To repair by pressing the “Force” button to restart, simply press and hold the “Power” or “Home” button at the same time, and when the screen is black, you must immediately release the two buttons. Then press the “Power” button until the Apple logo appears and immediately release this button. A few seconds later the iPhone will be restarted and should return to normal state, thus solving the problem.

iPhone Locked: Force Restart on iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus

For iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, the “Force” or “Reboot” method is a bit different for the simple fact that the “Home” button is not really a button because it is a 3D Touch panel. Therefore, for all iPhone 7 models in place of this button, the sound button must be held down at the same time as the “Power” button followed by the same steps described above.

2. Safer solution: repair without losing data

If the blocked screen problem continues we can then try a new method. We talked about an application already recommended, dr.fone – iOS System Recovery. This tool can bring normality and functionality to our iPhone without compromising the data stored there.

The truth is that this software offers a safe, simple and reliable method, able to solve the problems in iOS bringing it to its normal state without any loss of data. It can even repair iOS system bugs hanging in recovery mode, apple apple and black screen, as well as create a continuous reboot.

The dr.fone – iOS System Recovery also provides an answer to solve iTunes and iPhone errors, as well as the known “405 error”, iPhone “error 14”, iTunes “error 50”, “error 1009”, iPhone «error 27 “, among others.

To solve the problem of the screen with the Apple logo making use of dr. Phone is very simple. Simply download and install dr.Fone for PC or Mac and double-click start up with the program. Using a USB cable, connect the problematic iPhone to the computer and select the System Recovery menu from the menu, and then in the window that appears, just click the Start button. A new window will appear and in this we choose the model of the device and then just download an iOS compatible firmware. Once the download is complete, dr.Fone will continue to recover from the iOS system.

Once the problem with the screen locked with the Apple logo is resolved the iPhone will automatically restart. In this way normality will be restored, overcoming this distressing screen blocked, without losing any data.

  1. Stronger solution: using DFU mode

    DFU (Default Firmware Update) mode is one of the strongest restoration methods to be used on an iPhone, a kind of atomic bomb restoration. Although it is one of the strongest tools, compared to previous methods, and being able to return normal functionality to the iPhone, this mode entails the complete and irreversible loss of all data. The computer will erase all the information completely and restore the initial data. The problem is solved, but with the loss of the data completely. But be careful because you can find your iPhone stuck in this mode. Again, we can use dr.fone. The whole process will run as follows:

    1. Download dr.fone
    2. Select “Repair”
    3. Connect your iPhone (which is stuck in DFU mode)
    4. Let the system detect your device
    5. Click “Start”
    6. Click the appropriate device name and firmware
    7. Click “Download”
    8. Software will repair your device and as a result, your iPhone will no longer be stuck in DFU mode.

There is always a way to improve your iPhone and it seems that dr.fone can make all your efforts easier.

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