IRS Gives Unions Pass While Attacking Conservative Groups

By US Daily Review.

This Week, ROC Exposed called attention to new research showing that the IRS has failed to catch the Restaurant Opportunities Center’s (ROC) years of lobbying activities at the local, state, and federal levels, which ROC is required by federal law to report to the IRS. This report is especially relevant given IRS’ scandalous targeting of conservative groups and preferential treatment towards liberal organizations.

ROC Exposed has also sent a formal complaint to the IRS requesting that it investigate ROC’s lobbying activities and failure to report them.

ROC is a labor union front group disguised as a restaurant industry employment center and watchdog. ROC’s tactics include mob-style shakedowns, often employing intimidation and harassment in an effort to force restaurants into submission.

The information in this new report from ROC Exposed is particularly relevant in light of ROC’s receipt of federal grant money from the Department of Labor and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as an investigation by the House of Representatives of ROC for its “history of intimidation” towards opponents.

Mike Paranzino , communications director for ROC Exposed, released the following statement:

The Restaurant Opportunities Center has lobbied openly, loudly, and extensively for years, while reporting to the Internal Revenue Service that they do not lobby.  They did this without facing any scrutiny from the IRS.

Each year, ROC hosts a “Counter Lobby Day” in D.C., where ROC staffers and members fly in from around the country to meet with Congress and lobby for new mandates on job creators. ROC spokespersons have also previously lobbied the federal government on behalf of the WAGES Act, and “spearheaded” paid sick leave and minimum wage legislation at all levels of government.

By doing all of this while reporting to the IRS that they do not lobby, ROC is in violation of IRS reporting rules as a nonprofit ‘Public Charity.’ For a group that regularly lectures small business owners on compliance with federal laws, ROC’s decision to ignore federal reporting requirements is nothing short of hypocrisy.

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