Is Community Healthcare the Answer?

By Morgan James Publishing, Special for  USDR

Morgan James’s new release, Our Health Plan: Community Governed Healthcare That Works by Dr. Jim Rickards, is a journey into a transformed healthcare system due to local efforts. Our Health Plan is meant for community members and healthcare workers interested in transforming their healthcare systems both in design and  delivery.

Despite its immense wealth, America spends more on healthcare than any other industrial nation. This disheartening information is compounded by the fact that it’s healthcare services are ranked thirtieth in effectiveness and quality. The American healthcare system lacks departmental coordination, and struggles with patient transportation and specialist  intercommunication.

One community in Oregon transformed the structure of this ineffective system. Our Health Plan is not merely a chronicle, but a study in transformative healthcare practices that enabled this community to foster a connected healthcare community. The involved practices saw more effective results in patients, reduced operating costs, and harvested better relationships with the local  community.

This effort was accomplished due to deep involvement with the voices of the local community, and included language training, cultural competence considerations, and doubled efforts for primaries such as psychologists and dentists to communicate and coordinate with hospitals and other fields to create a coordinated, intelligent healthcare system. Our Health Plan gives valuable tools for healthcare transformation and coordination for people seeking a more efficient, positive healthcare system in the United  States.

If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Jim Rickards, please call Jim Rickards  773.793.8074.

About the Author: Dr. Jim Rickards is a healthcare transformer who happens to be a radiologist. Recently he served as the the Chief Medical Officer for the Oregon Health Authority which serves approximately 1.1 million individuals with Medicaid benefits. In this capacity, he oversaw Oregon’shealth evidence review commission, pharmacy and therapeutics committee, Transformation Center and clinical leadership. Currently he is the Senior Medical Director of Population Health and Network Collaboration for Moda  Health.

Prior to joining the Oregon Health Authority, he helped form the Yamhill Community Care Organization, a community-governed health care plan serving individuals with Medicaid benefits. He served as this organization’s Health Strategy Officer working to align the mission and vision of the organization with the resources and energy of the  community.

In addition to an MD degree from Indiana University, he holds a Healthcare Focused MBA from Oregon Health Science University/Portland State University. He completed residency and fellowship training in radiology in Chicago at Cook County Hospital and Rush University Hospital  respectively.

More About This Title: Our Health Plan: Community Governed Healthcare That Works by Jim Rickards will be released by Morgan James Publishing on August 1, 2017. Our Health Plan—ISBN 978-1683502982—has 190 pages and is being sold as a trade paperback for  $17.95.

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