Is it Possible to Develop an Anonymous Casino?

While the idea of an anonymous casino was quite unrealistic a few years ago, there are now several of these cryptocurrency casinos. Many people more than welcome the anonymity of gambling, but it is not fully compatible with playing in a casino. In this article, we’ll show you how Anonymous Casino works.

How about a gambling license?

Some of the legal authorities, including the UK, Curacao, Malta and many others, license all trusted online casinos. These licenses should ensure that the casino does not want to deceive its customers in any way. And moreover, that they only use certified games with tested random number generator software.

For an anonymous casino, this is a bit more complicated. In every licensed online casino, like Trada Casino, there is a strict rule to confirm the player’s identity to ensure the player is old enough to gamble. None of these authorities will grant a license to the anonymous casino, because these anonymous crypto casinos do not verify the costumers.

Payments are made exclusively using untraceable cryptocurrencies. Therefore, there is a risk that the operator can terminate the project at any time and thus deprive players of their money. Unlicensed casinos are hard to gain customer confidence.

What games can be found in an anonymous casino?

While in an ordinary casino you can play games from a variety of software providers running on their servers, in an anonymous casino it’s not that easy. An anonymous casino, which is based on cryptocurrency, usually does not get standard access to mainstream games.

Players can only play unofficial versions of their favorite games. However, this is not an ideal option. Because games run on private servers, the security is compromised, so it is up to the customer whether they will trust the casino or not. There is also no guarantee that the casino will actually pay out the winnings.

Are there any bonuses in this casino?

In a regular casino, a player is used to welcome bonuses and other promo actions like VIP program, cashback and other. This is a perfect marketing move by casino owners to gain new players.

There are no welcome bonuses in the anonymous casinos. Since there is no KYC process, this allows players to open several accounts at once. To avoid this, the casinos have to come up with a different solution or cancel all bonuses. Some anonymous casinos, therefore, offer bonuses on all deposits. On the other hand, all these bonuses include very user-unfriendly terms and conditions.

Anonymous Casinos from the perspective of the law

Are anonymous casinos legal? Basically, no. Pretty much every state on the planet dictates that gambling is for mature players only. And the casino operator must ensure that all visitors are old enough to gamble.

A lot of states also require to casino own a unique gambling license, which anonymous casino will never get.

Is it worth playing in an anonymous casino?

The idea of playing in an anonymous casino is fascinating in many ways. If you decide to try it, be careful and choose the best one. It is ideal for those who do not like to provide personal information and still want to play some of the games of chance. Before you sign in to the casino, read all the reviews and information available about the casino.

If the player wants to play with a cryptocurrency, he/she can try a licensed bitcoin casino. There are dozens of them with tested games and trustworthy reputation.

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