Is Luxury Real Estate Starting to Recover?

By US Daily Review Staff.

Chris Pollack, Ltd., a full-service, boutique advisory and management firm for “global, high-end residential and commercial real estate projects,” (according to a statement) announced today the completion of its 50th project for its ultra-high net worth clientele.   The firm works globally with projects in locations including: New York City, Los Angeles, The Hamptons, Greenwich, Conn., Nantucket, Mass., London and the Caribbean.

“We are beginning to see signs of a recovery in the ultra-high-end Real Estate market,” said Pollack. “Now is a great time to be building or remodeling a luxury property. Not only are land values bottoming but real estate expertise across the development chain is eager to work and more negotiable than ever.”

While Chris Pollack, Ltd.’s clientele is diverse and includes high-end residential owners, hedge funds, exclusive resorts and prestigious commercial office buildings, they all have the same demand- the utmost in quality in an expedited timeframe for the most value. The firm has 12 plus years of extensive market intelligence and pricing history to guarantee that clients are getting the best bids, while ensuring a timely execution of the design and construction plan.

Pollack continued, “2012 is shaping up to be a boom year for those buyers looking at the very high-end of the market, $5 million plus. We have fielded more inquiries in the first four months of 2012 than in all of 2009 and 2010 combined.  Buyers are looking for new land and new projects and need the expertise to bring these projects to fruition.”

With flawless communication between all parties, extreme attention to detail, and savvy relationship skills, Pollack estimates saving clients not only as much as 15 percent in cost but more importantly 20 percent in personal time savings, the values of which can be excess of several million dollars.

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