Is this the “Steve Jobs” of Cancer Research


Everybody is affected by cancer sooner or later,” Dr. Dionne says. “What we do to patients is frankly brutal. We’ve got to get away from that.”  If you’ve ever been in a cancer ward, or witnessed a loved one or friend battling for their life against cancer, then you’ve witnessed firsthand the devastation chemotherapy and other treatments cause the human body. It’s almost enough to make most people want to give up and succumb to the disease. Dr. Dionne has developed a new organic “out-of-box” drug that is proving to be effective and safe for killing cancerous tumors in liver, kidney and brain cancer patients with no side  effects.

This new drug treatment acts like a grenade because its toxic chemical is released from its wrapping only when it makes contact with a specific molecule in the blood vessels feeding tumors.  Results from Phase II of this new drug treatment are showing promising results, GenSpera ( is planning phase three testing for 2016, which could put mipsagargin on track for FDA approval for widespread use in 2018. “Cancer can’t escape OUR drug. There is no way to get around it,” Dionne  says.

Dr. Craig Dionne is well on his way to be becoming the Steve Jobs of the bio tech world. In Alan Dukes new interview with Dr. Dionne he compares his accomplishments in cancer research, passion for finding a cure, and his creative innovative approach on par with other technological innovators –including Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Larr y Page.

SOURCE Dr. Craig  Dionne

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