Is Your Car Safe? Recalls Should Raise Concerns

By US Daily Review Staff.

A new study from Carfax shows that choosing to ignore auto recalls threatens the safety of consumers everywhere. In 2011, over 2.7 million used cars were for sale online with safety recalls that were never fixed. Car owners and sellers can help improve public safety by actively checking for open recalls and having them fixed by franchise dealers. There’s no excuse – recall repairs are free and finding cars with open recalls is easy.

We’re making a lot of progress, but there are still too many open recalls out there,” said Larry Gamache, communications director at Carfax. “Many of these cars change hands without the buyer ever knowing a recall exists, increasing the safety risks both to passengers in the car and others on the road. We all need to do our part to make sure these cars are identified and fixed – buyers, sellers and owners alike. A simple online check for open recalls is all it takes to help make our roads safer.”

Bob Knotts, a plumber from Delaware, tells his story in a YouTube video about the hazards of unknowingly buying a car with an open recall. “My van caught fire from an electrical recall under the driver’s seat that was never fixed,” said Mr. Knotts. “Had it spread to the back where I keep a propane torch and highly-flammable glue, it would have been a total fireball. Had I gotten the Carfax Report, I wouldn’t have had this $8,000 loss.”

California, Florida and Texas lead the nation with the most used cars for sale with open recalls, each having well over 100,000 last year. Recalls are vital to a car’s safety, performance and resale value. Auto manufacturers are working with Carfax to further alert consumers about cars under recall. A free public service for consumers to check for open recalls using the vehicle identification number is available at Open recall information reported to Carfax by auto manufacturers also is included on Carfax Vehicle History Reports.

More detailed information about specific recall campaigns is available at

According to a company statement, “Carfax is the vehicle history expert for used car buyers, sellers and the automotive industry. Carfax created the Vehicle History Report in 1986 and maintains the largest vehicle history database ever assembled, comprising over 10 billion vehicle records from more than 34,000 sources across North America. A Carfax® Vehicle History Report™, the most trusted resource for vehicle history information, is an essential step in the used car buying process. Get free Carfax® Reports from dealers wherever used cars are sold online or look for Carfax Advantage™ dealers in your area and say ‘Show Me the Carfax’. For used car buying tips or to purchase a Carfax® Report, visit”

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