John Kasich Joins Republican Race

A Media Wrap Up.


Ever wonder about the value of an open seat in a primary season?  Just look at the many individuals that seem to jump into the GOP primary each week.  The latest addition, John Kasich (R-OH) would probably be big news in most election cycles.  He is a popular two term governor in a very important blue state for the GOP and he served in the US House for almost two decades and eventually became the chairman of the important Budget committee. His cranky personality makes him fun for to media to follow, but in this season almost one fourth of all press is going to Donald Trump.  The fact Kasich is last chairman of the House Budget Committee to oversee the crafting and passage of a balanced budget doesn’t seem to provide a story at all.  Why he is running with low single digit support, seems odd, but running he definitely  is.

This is how the media treated that  announcement:

The announcement in its  entirety:

NY Times: Kasich’s Centrist Approach

Gov. John R. Kasich, a voluble and blunt-talking maverick who is hoping his upbeat vision for a united America can catapult him to the White House, declared Tuesday that he is running for president, telling a crowd here that he has “the experience and the testing — the testing which shapes you and prepares you for the most important job in the  world.”

Mr. Kasich, joined by his wife and 15-year-old twin daughters, addressed several thousand cheering supporters inside the student union building at Ohio State University here, offering a centrist appeal designed to paint him as a common-sense Midwesterner who can fix a broken Washington. He avoided attacking President Obama, as his Republican rivals have… (read  more)

Washington Post: Kasich Boasts his Political  Credentials

Ohio governor John Kasich joins the presidential campaign today — his announcement speech is underway right now — and he’s trying something remarkable. As part of the case he’s making for himself, Kasich is arguing that the 18 years he spent in Congress provides valuable experience that would make him a better  president.

John Kasich answers questions from reporters after a tour of the Red Hook Brewery in Portsmouth, N.H., on July 13. (Brian  Snyder/Reuters)

This is nothing short of stunning, because even if you’re a member of the nation’s legislature, you’re supposed to say not only that Washington is a sewer of corruption and incompetence, but that you barely know anything about it, because you’re such an  outsider.

Indeed, by contrast, Jeb Bush — about as much an insider as anyone who has ever run for president — yesterday  offered… (read  more)

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