Jonathan McConnell To Run for U.S. Senate

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Conservative Jonathan McConnell, a Marine, Iraq War Veteran and small business owner, today announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate in Alabama’s Republican primary  race.

Washington is broken. But instead of leaders who are focused on solving the problem, our politicians are focused on profiting from the work we send them to do in Washington.  That’s why I’m running – because its time to put an end to politicians who profit while we pay,” said  McConnell.

McConnell filed the formal paperwork to qualify and followed with his official  announcement.

“As a Marine, I know what it means to take on the tough battles, win the tough fights and put service and sacrifice ahead of personal gain.  And, as a small business owner, I know what it means to build a business, make a payroll, help veterans get back to work and get things moving again,” said  McConnell.

“We need that kind of bold, conservative leadership in Washington.  The insiders and politicians are ruining this country, and we need to take it back from them before they do any more damage,” said  McConnell.

A graduate of Auburn University and currently the President and CEO of, Captain McConnell served in the Marines from 2005 – 2008, where he was stationed on the outskirts of Fallujah, Iraq in 2006 and was then redeployed to the Syrian Border in 2007 where he commanded the Second Mobile Assault Platoon and was Executive Officer of Weapons  Company.

Upon returning, McConnell earned his law degree at the University of Alabama.  While a law student, he founded, a global maritime security company which combats the Somali Piracy threat against merchant  vessels.

“We can’t fix Washington by electing the same people who broke it.  And 44-year career politicians can’t fix it.  They just don’t know how.  My experience as a Marine, veteran and small business owner who has created jobs is exactly what we need to fix what’s broken in Washington,” said  McConnell.

Alabama Primary voting will occur on Tuesday, March 1, 2016. Further information about Jonathan McConnell, to donate to the campaign and to sign up for campaign emails can be found at

SOURCE Paid For By Friends of Jonathan  McConnell

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