Joshua Steinberg Launches New Product Line in Luxury Home Décor

By Joshua Steinberg, Special for  USDR

The luxury goods designer has announced they will launch their own line of posh home products in an effort to bring daily life to a new level of stylistic transcendence. In a statement earlier this week, a Joshua Steinberg spokesperson said the company’s motivation for the new line was to merge the classic designs of past greats with the refined tastes of modern  homeowners.

“Our products are designed to transport people to a higher level of visual existence,” the spokesperson said. “Our world respects the genius of the old masters, but we forge our own unique  path.”

Joshua Steinberg’s products are shaped around a clean, minimalistic philosophy of home design. Soft light and elegant lines are typical of their  designs.

“We want to create in our products a sublime relationship between form and material,” he said. “When those elements are linked in a harmonious way, a simple wine glass or Champagne flute becomes a catalyst for pleasure and  inspiration.”

Some of Joshua Steinberg’s seminal works are designed to elevate the kitchen. Their wine glasses and Champagne flutes will bring beauty to any dinner party or after-dinner  conversation.

Other products in the design group’s forthcoming line will include lamps, coffee tables and chairs. The spokesperson said the company is particularly fond of their latest coffee  table.

“We often categorize shapes and forms in a way that limit them and confine the level of creativity in the home,” he said. “One of our coffee tables, for example, is a visual melody of a rectangle table-top and a series of measured-yet-marvelous metal  rings.”

In a larger sense, Joshua Steinberg spokesperson said, the emphasis on clean, elegant lines and forms is a marked departure from the days when luxury was equated with  excess.

“‘Less is more’ and the absence of an object is more important than its presence are the tenets of minimalist interior design,” the spokesperson said. “People who understand minimalist interior design see space, definition and order in it and they appreciate  it.”

Along with these tenets of minimalist design come glass and metal, two of the favored expressions of this movement. While Joshua Steinberg acknowledges these elements play an important role in their signature coffee table, they know that part of the draw of their product line is that they add their own interpretations to the minimalist movement. Materials guide them, but they don’t constrain  them.

“When we approach a room, we want to have a sense that we’re free and at peace,” he said. “Creating that sense of serene liberty requires traditional rules as well as a willingness to synthesize something  brilliant.”

Joshua Steinberg’s design products will be available for purchase on their website and will range in retail price from $200 to  $4,000.

“We are not concerned with the price tag as much as we are concerned about the power of an object to transcend trends and exist in its own elegance,” the company said. “Having one of our pieces is a journey into  timelessness.”

SOURCE Joshua  Steinberg

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