Just because you ‘can’ doesn’t mean you ‘should’…

By April Dye, Contributor to US Daily Review.

It is great to live in a land where we are able to do almost anything. Some of these things are great. We can have as many kids as we want to. We can apply for any job we want. We have freedom of speech. Freedom of religion. Freedom of choice. These things at one time were actually why our founding fathers came here. Why they fought and some died, so that we could be free from tyranny and domination. What would they say about things today?

We can have as many kids as we want to right now, unless Joe Biden decides that maybe China is right. I mean, to the liberal elite abortion should be made at the ready. Too many people equals too much pollution. It is okay for the animal population to overrun us but God forbid there are too many human beings running around destroying the planet.

We can apply for any job we want, that doesn’t mean you will get it even if you are qualified for it. Same with colleges. They have quotas to fill, demographics to meet so they can get their government money.

We have freedom of speech, at least we used to. Political correctness has pretty much thrown that out the window, unless of course you are a liberal, or someone who wants to rant and rave about how racist America is, or how “the white man” has it easier than everyone else. And be sure and not saying anything that might hurt someone’s feelings or step on their liberties, again unless of course you are republican, conservative or a Christian.

And freedom of choice, well it only applies these days to women who want to have an abortion. It is not freedom of choice to eat what you want to because we are too stupid to choose whether we can eat salt on our fries, a juicy jumbo cheeseburger, chicken nuggets or a nice thick juicy steak. It isn’t freedom to choose what types of vehicles we want to drive because we might be polluting the air with our gas cars, forget the fact that electric cars are unsafe and too small to carry a family. Oh and those evil light bulbs. Why do you need the light brighter than a candle, I mean really?

Just because you can drink and drive, doesn’t mean you should. Just because you can say whatever you want to someone whether it is rude, vulgar or hateful doesn’t mean you should. Just because you can have sex with whomever you want whenever you want, doesn’t mean you should. Just because you have the right to sue anyone who might make your life difficult doesn’t mean you should.

What happened to the days when people took responsibility for their actions. Where people didn’t blame the other guy for all the bad things in their lives. Where we understood that people make mistakes and accidents happen and we had compassion and empathy. Now if you don’t have a job, whether you get your butt, off your couch or not, you knew it was your fault; you didn’t blame the bosses who actually worked their butts off to get where they are. Where when your baby didn’t turn out to be perfect you didn’t sue for wrongful birth. Where if someone caused an accident and both parties died, people didn’t sue the family to get compensation.

Yes we have the right to do all of these things but why do we? Why don’t we get off the couch and look for a job and be glad we have one, not just whine because it isn’t what we might have wanted, Why do we not first be glad that our babies are alive instead of find someone at fault for their imperfections. Why greave the loss of our loved ones and have empathy for the other family who died too, whether it was because of stupidity or an accident – the family didn’t cause it, they are victims too.

Now of course I am generalizing, but really. I hear the news and all I hear is how life isn’t fair so I am going to blame someone else, sue someone for it, hate someone who is better off. Life is what you make of it. We should use our circumstances as learning tools.

Shouldn’t we want to work harder to better ourselves and make our children’s lives better than our own. Shouldn’t we love our children in whatever package they come. Shouldn’t we forgive. Yes, sometimes things are unfair. But learn from them, grow and try and be better.

You deserve it!

April Dye is a wife and mother of two. She loves to read, watch movies and television, study the Bible, hang out with family and her job. You can follow her on facebook at facebook.com/April Vestal Dye and clardye.blogspot.com.

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