Keeping a Healthy Heart

By USA Medical, Special for  USDR

As Heart Health Month approaches, USA Medical reminds people that healthy lifestyle choices may help them mitigate or even avoid heart disease. The company also helps people afford medication for heart-related illnesses through its customized prescription savings programs in all 50 states including: Texas Prescription Assistance ProgramFlorida Prescription Assistance Program and California Prescription Assistance  Program.

USA Medical shares 3 diet tips from the American Diabetes Association whose community has a higher risk of heart  disease:

  1. Limit sodium intake. Excessive sodium in a diet increases the risk for heart disease.  The federal daily recommendation allows up to 2,300 milligrams of sodium intake, but those with high blood pressure should drop their consumption to under 1,500 milligrams.  Beware of restaurant meals and packaged foods that are often dangerously high in salt.
  2. Eliminate trans fats and limit saturated fat.  Avoid red meats high in saturated fat such as lamb, beef and venison, and meats high in sodium such as bacon and ham.  New York City registered dietitian Willow Jarosh explains that trans fats are “especially bad because too much can lower your HDL [‘good’] cholesterol and raise your LDL—a double whammy to your heart health.”
  3. Maintain the correct balance and portions of a heart-healthy diet.  Make fresh fruits and vegetables staples of your meals.  Focus on eating mono- and polyunsaturated fats.  Include tofu, beans, fish and lean meats for protein, and whole grains for nutritious carbohydrates.  Fill half your plate with non-starchy vegetables such as asparagus and broccoli; don’t make meat the main course of any meal.
  4. For more information on heart-conscious foods, consult US News and World Report’s Best Heart-Healthy  Diets.

    Co-Founder and President of USA Medical, Jordan Sessler says, “A nutritious healthy diet is a good idea for everyone, but especially those battling heart illnesses.  It could also help prevent the disease.  If a prescription is part of the treatment process, my company’s Pharmacy Discount Card can help people save up to 75% on their  medicine.”

    The pre-activated Pharmacy Discount Cards are accepted at more than 60,000 pharmacies across the country—local, regional and national chains such as CVS, Walmart and Walgreens. Thousands of popular medicines are eligible for savings, including those prescribed for heart conditions, such as Zocor®, Lipitor®, Plavix®, Coumadin®, Lopressor®, and  Prinivil®.

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    These programs are not affiliated with the  government.

    About USA Medical Prescription Assistance  Program
    USA Medical Prescription Assistance Program is a division of USA Medical, which reaches out to individuals and seniors among the estimated 100+ million people in America with inadequate prescription coverage.  The Company’s mission is to help individuals save money on prescriptions they need. USA Medical is accredited by the Better Business  Bureau.

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