Key Factors to Growing Stronger and Building Muscle

Being fit is no longer a credential that can be taken by the ultra wealthy or just sport stars, as people now aim to get fit to reduce health issues such as diabetes, obesity and heart problems. Anyone and everyone can be at their peak fitness level for their age.

Also, with the introduction of social media over the past ten years, this has allowed everyone to be able to see how they can get fit and how they can choose an activity suited to them by watching videos of fitness activities that interest them and reading ‘how to’ posts on how people have achieved these incredible bodies. However, please bear in mind that if you are aiming to be like an ‘influencer’ or celebrity on social media, what a photo shows may not be the truth as many people have access to Photoshop software where they can dramatically reduce what they actually look like!

Becoming Strong

To become strong, your workouts must involve squats, bench presses, deadlifts, military press, rows, and power cleans but to name a few as these are the exercises that recruit the largest amount of muscle mass. Free weights are also required as they allow you to stabilize the load therefore allow the weights to be moved and lifted just how the body has been designed to move them. This allows every part of your body to be trained because of how the free weights are controlled by you.

It’s all in the Technique

Technique is what separates the beginners from the professionals as a practiced expert is constantly working on the technique and how it can be improved. However, a beginner isn’t too concerned about this as they are focusing more on the weight they lift. Improving and practicing your technique makes the nervous system more effective as it can let the muscles know what needs to be done to work therefore reducing the amount of injury you may pick up.

Reduce the Repetition

As before, the nervous system plays a big part in the repetition factors as if the nervous system is forced to increase production through fast increases in strength then it can do so effectively and successfully, such as in the 1 to 5 rep range. Any higher and then the nervous system will start focusing on other areas.

Warm it up

For every sport, everyone needs to warm up and stretch properly and body building is no different. In order to build up your body, you must do warm up sets as this way, you are allowing your body to get the blood moving to the correct areas therefore helping you perfect your technique.

Keep up the resistance

Getting strong is as much about the physical commitment as it is the mental discipline as there’s little point coming to the gym and lifting the same weights every time. Your body has nothing to adapt to if you stay at the same weight so even if you find it punishing after a hard week, your mental restraint needs to prevail as it’s up to you to increase the weight you lift.

However, smaller jumps in weight are a lot more effective in building muscle as it means you have consistent progress that your body can build upon.

Know your limits

If you are finding that you haven’t got the mental mindset to keep pushing yourself, then there is no shame in that. That’s why there are thousands of strength and conditioning coaches out there as they know they’ve got the skills and expertise to help others succeed. A strength coach is more specialized than a personal trainer as they can offer expertise in one area; body building whereas a PT will offer an all round package of fitness, strength and competitions.

Aim for the Weak!

You need to work on your weak spots so aim for exercises that specifically focus on these. Primary lifts and assistance movements are key right now as they will strengthen an area that is used with your primary lifts. Don’t overdo the work that you’re doing as you need to build a good base first. Limit your exercise selection and then incorporate speed and skill work.

Long Term Goal

A way to increase what you’re doing personally and also develop your mindset is to consider training as a strength coach. This way, you will improve your precision, which will help your analysis and precise measurements, develop your knowledge of training programs which in turn will enhance your training and boost your creativity. You will need to often be creative with programs, changing them last minute and making sure the ‘one size fits all’ approach is never used as each client is different. Enquire to become a strength coach by having a look online or do some research on the internet for courses in your area.

What you need to always remember about training to be strong is that it’s the basic cause and effect rule of if you train, and train right, then the effect will be that your body gets bigger. But make sure you adapt the factors detailed here as if you go in too hard and too fast you could cause yourself some serious damage which could take months or years to recover from.

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