“Knock Out” Attacks Against Jews in NYC

By AJC, Special for USDR.

AJC praised the New York Police Department for apprehending youths suspected of participating in violent “knockout game” attacks on Jews and other passersby. The goal of the so-called game is to fell a randomly chosen person with one punch. It has been carried out by groups of teens in a number of communities, and has led to serious injuries and even death.

“Knockout is an especially grievous form of violence that must be confronted,” said Michael Schmidt, director of AJC’s New York Region. “We trust that law enforcement in New York and across the country will continue to investigate these acts of brutal violence, bring to justice those responsible, and prosecute them with the full force of the law.”

In one attack in New Jersey, the victim died from his injury, and the three suspects arrested were ages 13 and 14.

“Who are these children? What motivates them to maim or even kill just for the sake of it? Where are their families? Are they known to school and community officials? How can a copycat phenomenon be prevented? These questions all need urgent answers,” Schmidt added.

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