Latest Children’s Clothing Line Celebrates Historical Figures in Fashion


Austin-based, Wee Rascals, is not just selling t-shirts; they’re selling a vision. When founder, Kylie Clayborne first had the idea for Wee Rascals, she was searching for stories of true heroism to tell her then four-year-old son. Disenchanted by the over-marketing of cartoon and fictional heroes to children, Clayborne wanted her kids to admire and respect the heroism of real people from the  past.

She explains, “In my search, I came across an amazing vintage stamp of Johnny Appleseed with a story about his life, and from that day it grew into a greater vision.” That vision was a line of children’s clothing that celebrates real-world heroes and helps kids connect with their inspiring tales of courage, perseverance, and selfless dedication to the betterment of humankind. Joining forces with her friend and fellow stay-at-home mom, Liz Rich, they designed a line of fashion-forward children’s t-shirts printed with artistic renderings of historical, real-life heroes: people like Susan B. Anthony, Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, Amelia Earhart and  Gandhi.

Propelled by the notion that the current generation of parents wants more for their children than mainstream, mass-produced princess and super-hero attire, Clayborne and Rich poured their efforts into their burgeoning line of Real-Hero t-shirts that celebrates sacred warriors, revolutionary politicians, champions of change, daring explorers and ingenious innovators. The result is a trend-setting line of kids shirts that are loved by both kids and  parents.

Blog writer, Judith Kester wrote, “This clothing line is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Wee Rascals sparks curiosity and prompts conversations that matter. Kylie and Liz of Wee Rascals are helping us mold and shape young minds in such a simple and subtle way–and for that I’m thankful. Mindful and purposeful design isn’t something that is easy to come by these  days.”

Wee Rascals recently released a new Rock Your Motto Collection inspired by their customers that encourages kids to be “Daring Like Da Vinci,” “Honest Like Abe,” and “Fierce Like Frida.” Clayborne explains their impetus for the new line, “I kept hearing words like honest, fierce, and daring when people described their kids. Designing the new collection was a natural progression from our Real Heroes line because the noble traits we admire in our heroes are the same ones we admire and encourage in our  kids.”

Co-founder Liz Rich adds, “We have been able to create a fashionable line of high-quality, US-made shirts that kids love, but more importantly, we love what our shirts represent. We often hear from customers that when their kids wear one of our Real-Hero t-shirts, people stop to talk to them about their admiration for that person. What a great way to demonstrate to children the significance of these historical heroes! With so many outside influences on children today, we are proud to be a small part of a movement to encourage kids to admire and emulate the positive attributes of real-world  heroes.”

Wee Rascals’ Real-Hero and Rock Your Motto t-shirts are available online at in a variety of sizes and  styles.

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