Latest Nigerian Abduction Demands Response


The following is a statement from Lauren Supina, Senior Vice President at Women Thrive Worldwide, on the reported abduction last night of eight more girls in northeastern Nigeria:

“The abduction of eight more innocent girls last night by armed militants should do more than spark outrage, rhetoric, and handwringing. It’s high time we acknowledge that horror stories like this are all-too-common. They are symptomatic of an ongoing assault on the basic humanity of hundreds of millions of women and girls around the world.”

“Women Thrive has collected roughly 32,000 signatures to U.S. and Nigerian officials. Working with a young education advocate in Abuja, we delivered nearly 2,000 messages to the Inspector General of Nigeria’s National Police days before #BringBackOurGirls began trending.”

“But these abductions call for more than just a blitz of shocking headlines or even intensive one-off responses to individual incidents.”

“Addressing the global assault on women and girls will require that we care just as much about Pakistani child brides, Honduran women whose partners abuse them, and Indian rape survivors as we do about the girls abducted in Nigeria.”

“And then we need to demand polices that prove our commitment.”
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