LG Becomes a Pioneer for the TV Market Launching the LG Experience

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LG Electronics USA today announced the nationwide rollout of the “LG Experience” – an interactive television display designed to help TV shoppers experience first-hand the latest advancements in TV picture quality, including High Dynamic Range (HDR) and 4K Ultra HD resolution, on LG’s award-winning 2016 OLED and SUPER UHD  TVs.

LG is uniquely positioned to help U.S. consumers navigate the latest TV technologies, according to David VanderWaal, vice president of marketing, LG Electronics USA.  LG is the only manufacturer to offer large-screen OLED TVs – hailed by experts as the best picture ever – together with advanced LCD/LED SUPER UHD TVs, and the only manufacturer to support both available HDR formats: HDR 10 and Dolby Vision™ for access to all the HDR content available  today.

“With so many new technologies and oftentimes confusing jargon used to describe them, it’s our job as a manufacturer to help consumers understand the benefits of today’s leading innovations and gain the knowledge they need to feel confident in purchase decision – and one of the best ways to do that is to offer first-hand consumer experiences with our leading retail partners,” said  VanderWaal.

Solving a TV Shopper’s Unique  Challenge
The 16- and 24-foot LG Experience walls are debuting now in nearly 400 Best Buy locations nationwide. Other configurations of the LG Experience display also are planned for leading regional retailers. The LG Experience is designed to help TV shoppers better understand emerging technologies including HDR and 4K Ultra HD on today’s most advanced OLED and LED 4K UHD  TVs:

  • HDR: Consumers can see images that come to life with HDR displayed on LG OLED and SUPER UHD TVs. HDR delivers brilliant brights, darker darks and a wider palette of colors, reproducing images that are more true to life.
  • 4K Ultra HD: Shoppers can take in the advanced screen resolution of 4K, which delivers offers four times the pixels of conventional HDTV for image clarity with exceptional detail and realism.
  • OLED 4K TVs: With state-of-the-art OLED TVs on display (models OLED65B6P; OLED55C6P; 65EG9600), consumers can witness the unmatched picture quality that LG OLED TV delivers with perfect blacks, intense colors and infinite contrast all housed in a one-of-a-kind sleek, slim design. All four 2016 OLED TV series are Smart TVs that also deliver 4K Ultra HD resolution and support both HDR standards.
  • LED 4K UHD TVs: Shoppers can enjoy LG’s best 4K LED displays (LG SUPER UHD models 65UH8500; 55UH7700), which are the first LED TVs to support both HDR standards. The 2016 line also offers advanced technologies that deliver over a billion rich colors, smoother motion and elevated brightness.

The display at Best Buy also will feature premium streaming sound bars: models LAS950, LAS855 and SH7B. Two 86-inch Ultra Stretch Signage Displays, showcasing dynamic content, round out the  Experience.

HDR Done  Right
HDR – high dynamic range – is an exciting new content format that delivers consumers brilliant brights, darker darks, and a wider palette of colors, to reproduce images that are true to life. HDR is hailed as one of the biggest enhancements to TV picture quality since the advent of  HDTV.

LG OLED TV and LG SUPER UHD TV™ are the first to deliver HDR in both available formats – HDR10 and Dolby Vision – and enable consumers to access all the HDR content available today, and have the peace of mind that their TV will handle new content to come. Blockbuster movies and TV series in HDR are already available via streaming content providers and 4K Blu-ray – and plans for expanded HDR content, including Dolby Vision HDR formatted content have already been announced.* Choosing a TV with both HDR formats helps consumers avoid the risk of missing out on future content and enjoy a full HDR  experience.

Personalized Shopping  Experience
Beyond the product demonstrations, the LG Experience serves as a showcase for immersive visual content. Engaging, eye-popping 4K resolution videos reinforce OLED and LG SUPER UHD TV’s lifelike picture quality and serve as a vehicle for interactive and engaging demos to educate consumers on the benefits of HDR technology. Consumers can enjoy an interactive, hands-on experience of LG’s webOS 3.0 Smart TV platform that makes switching between live TV, streaming content, and external players easy and  fast.

“With the LG Experience, customers can be hands-on and learn about the newest technology,” said Luke Motschenbacher, vice president for televisions at Best Buy, national rollout partner for the LG Experience. “It’s a perfect example of why Best Buy’s the best place to experience the latest  TVs.”

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*Wireless Internet connection required and sold separately. Agreement to smart TV terms and conditions required to use certain smart  features.

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