Liberal Texas State Senator Ignores Opinion of Vast Majority of Texans


While Texas Democrat Wendy Davis’ filibuster and the disruption caused by the shouts of an angry mob thwarted the state Senate from passing a ban on abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy, a new poll shows more than 60 percent of Texas voters favor the ban.
“The will of the people of Texas is not going to be thwarted by Obama-style mob tactics. We can’t permit that in the state of Texas,” Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst declared after the Senate failed to overcome Davis’ filibuster and shouts of the pro-abortion crowd and hold the vote before the midnight deadline.
Indeed, the will of 62% of the people of Texas who are voters support passage of the abortion ban, a new (May 31-June 9, 2013) University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll shows. It made no difference whether or not the question was predicated on the issue of a 20 week-old fetus suffering pain from abortion. In either case, 62% favor the ban after 20 weeks of pregnancy.
The numbers mirror the results of a national Gallup poll showing 64% believe abortion should be illegal in the second three months of pregnancy. In the final three months of pregnancy, 80% want abortion banned, according to the Gallup poll conducted Dec. 27-30, 2012.  For more see…
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