Looking for an Email Verification Tool? Here Is What You Need to Know

There are many new marketing channels available in the market these days, but email still holds a special position. For a fair cost and not a great amount of effort, it returns fantastic results, so businesses are using it extensively. However, making sure your email list is accurate matters the most before you send out your email campaigns. If you’re looking for an email verification tool to help you out, you’ve come to the right place. Here is what you need to know to make the right choice.


When you run email campaigns, you have to be aware that not all the addresses in your list are valid and safe to use. Many of them may be invalid, while others may be abuse, temporary or catch-all email addresses. Then, there are spam traps that can affect your sender reputation and deliverability. Hence, it’s important to find a trustworthy email verification tool to weed out all these bad emails from your list.

ZeroBounce: email verification and more


There are many email verification tools on the market. Some of them offer basic features, and the truth is the results are not going to help you that much. Others have spent years refining their algorithms, so they offer high accuracy and complex services.

ZeroBounce, for example, providers users with a wide range of features, such as:

  • email bounce detection
  • spam trap detection
  • temporary, abuse and catcha-all removal
  • email append
  • email scoring

98% accuracy and military-grade data protection


The best thing about Zerobounce is the fact that it guarantees 98% accurate results and uses military-grade data protection mechanisms. Plus, it has developed an email scoring system that helps businesses assess the quality of their email databases. This system uses artificial intelligence to return a quality score. The higher the score, the more confident you can be about that particular email address.

It serves with great precision and is able to render excellent outcomes at every level.

  • Zerobounce helps to increase overall delivery metrics by way of removing bad emails
  • Finds and removes any type of spam trap that is known to affect your business reputation
  • Restores your sender reputation and email deliverability
  • Provides activity level scoring for the email IDs in your list
  • Finds out low score activity of email addresses
  • Provides valid and reliable information about email addresses.

Zerobounce is as a huge boon for all email marketers who would like to maintain their online reputation and get the best results. The email verifier is intuitive and easy to use, and if you need any help, there is a 24/7 customer support team to help you.

It is a highly professional service provider that brings several years of expertise in this arena. It has many beneficial features and the company is often ahead of its competitors by constantly upgrading the system. When it comes to email verification tools, ZeroBounce is dependable and secure and helps you achieve your highest email marketing goals.

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