Los Angeles Teachers Union Demands 17% Raise Despite 68% Graduation Rate

By Kyle Olson Special For USDR

Kyle’s first documentary film was Kids Aren’t Cars. His second documentary film, “A Tale of Two Missions,” features Fox News Channel contributor, Juan Williams. A Tale of Two Missions tells the story of competing cultures in American education through examples from Chicago.

Kyle is a regular contributor to Townhall.com. He has made appearances on Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network, NPR and MSNBC and is a popular guest on talk radio programs coast to coast. His work has been cited by the Drudge Report, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck. Kyle is also the editor of NEAexposed.com and AFTexposed.com.

Kyle’s first book, Indoctrination: How ‘Useful Idiots’ Are Using Our Schools to Subvert American Exceptionalism reveals how leftist teachers misuse precious class time to sell students on their political agenda: union organizing, radical environmentalism, pledging allegiance to the Earth, creating “global citizens” and spreading 1960s-style cultural Marxism to new generations.

Throughout many of the nation’s public schools, left-wing teachers are misusing their classrooms and their influence to train students how to think and behave like progressive political activists. Indoctrination not only exposes what is being taught, but who is writing and promoting this agenda. This book makes the case that student achievement is abysmal in many of the nation’s public schools, and time should not be wasted on politics. In some school districts, students are literally graduating without the ability to read – but they leave school knowing all about the evils of free enterprise and U.S. corporations. The book also provides a series of action steps and ideas that parents, taxpayers and elected officials can use to stem this growing problem in our schools. Watch the trailer…

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